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Machine Learning from A to Z with AutoML: a Hands-on Workshop
Friday, 14:00 to 17:00 May 24th 2019

This hands-on workshop will cover Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) at a level appropriate for IS majors, non-majors, MBA students, and faculty. AutoML is simply machine learning where data cleaning, feature engineering, algorithm selection, hyperparameter tuning, as well as most other steps are done automatically, removing the need for years of training in machine learning and statistics. In three hours, with no programming, we will do what will normally take a data scientist three months. Participants will go through the whole data science process from project objective definition, acquisition and exploration of data, modeling of the data, interpreting and communicating results, and implementing the solution. Kai Larsen has won both college-wide and university-wide teaching awards and has taught ML for a decade and AutoML for three years at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and his book entitled Automated Machine Learning for Business is under contract with Oxford University Press.

P.S.: Attendees will also receive certificates

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Name Business Analytics
Location ARAS MOYOLA MY243
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