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FilmSoc Reviews: Movies with Great Stories!

Posted by FilmSoc on Wed, 23-10-2019

Movies with Great Stories!

by Rajan Nayak

Many of us have often been asked, about what movies are the best. My answer to this question was always a movie with a great story. When the story of a movie is its protagonist that take the audience for a ride from one emotion to another and finally makes you think, is a gem! Here are three such movies, which stood out from all the movies in their respective genre where the story was a hero.

 1) The Prestige

A still from The Prestige where Alfred secretly tells what prestige all about is.

There are very few movies that makes you literally watch and hear everything and The Prestige is one of those movies. 
Christopher Nolan, the director has made such an incredible effort to keep you guessing the tone of this movie. All the time while you watch, it will ask you questions but you won’t be having the time to retrospect and will go with the flow to eventually be AMAZED! That is one hell of a direction. 
But what works for The Prestige is its editing. The way it has been edited keeps you guessing and hence it stays true to its question that they ask quite often “Are you watching closely?" It is this editing that makes the story worth living. It will take you on a ride to guilt, sacrifice, sorrow and nonetheless prestige. 
P.S - The shot where Alfred (Christian Bale) explains prestige to a boy shown in the above image is of utmost importance. It is actually Alfred explaining prestige to the audience and not the boy. 

2) The Dark Night Trilogy

Batman Trilogy in one picture.

 In 2018 a superhero movie is full of CGI, stunts, action and then again superhero actions, their stunts but back in 2005 with the release of Batman Begins it was the story that made it the best superhero movie of all time until The Dark knight came hahahah. 
No doubt about the performances that Heath Ledger put as joker and the way Nolan went about portraying him with his magical direction and trick but for me Batman Begins is the favourite of all the three. It makes you realize the pain, the purpose, and mostly to be strong under any circumstances (the ending is 💓).
 Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, does not disappoint and gives us the ordinary story of man who aspires to do right. It is the organic way of portraying a superhero that works for Nolan. 
One thing to tell about Nolan is his way of direction I mean you really do not want to miss anything, everything in the movie exist for a reason and you have to catch it all. 
The dialogues are well written and give you the essence of the characters and where it comes from and what it intends. 
Christian bale is by far the best batman and my personal favourite the way he plays batman and Bruce Wayne is commendable. The most loved villain in the whole world, Heath Ledger as Joker introduces you to a completely different individual that has been through pain, sorrow and you could feel literally! 
There is this scene where Bruce Wayne throws a party on his birthday and joker crashes in and get in conversation with Rachael that is absolutely amazing. Batman begins and The Dark Knight will give you enough reasons to watch The Dark Knight Rises. As the name suggests it is the rise of batman from pain. It even addresses the fact that batman can never be forever as he is no superhero, he is just an ordinary man and sticks true to its organic story. There is this scene when batman is trapped in a well (you would know just watch it if you haven’t!) and can’t get out of it but then there is truth spoken that makes him climb the well and get out. It is I believe Nolan wanted to start the trilogy with fear then chaos then pains and end it with fear. Nevertheless, it is worth watching.

3) Lootera (The Thief)

A still from Lootera.

A still from Lootera. Now it’s time for Bollywood and one of my personal all-time favourites. Lootera (the thief), by Vikramaditya Motwane, loosely based on O Henry’s, The Last Leaf, is truly a thief of hearts. 
Five years ago, this masterpiece was released and is one of those soothing to heart movies that is hard to find. I remember at the end of the movie I was wiping my tears for 2 minutes or so. It had touched my heart. The story of Varun and Paki is genuine and is true in all emotions. 
The story does invest time in introducing Paki and Varun at first but as it moves forward and the emotions catch up you genuinely feel for both characters. The strength lies in performances of both Ranveer and Sonakshi but clearly Ranveer nails this roll. The scene particularly when Varun comes back to Paki after years and tries to medicate her will melt your heart. 
Let me put the whole plot in two line, “What if that leaf falls?” “It won’t, I promise you.” Since then Lootera is my favourite movie of all time A must watch! 

I have tried to make this post as non-spoiler as possible and if you have not watched any of the above listed movies hop on and watch it.

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