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Trans-comments statement

Posted by Potter Soc on Thu, 11-06-2020

As Pottersoc we are of course huge fans of the Harry Potter series. However, our love of the series in no way means that our views align with those of JK Rowling.

We do not support her recent comments on trans people. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary people exist and deserve to be respected.

Separating any book from its author is always difficult and we understand that it’s not always possible.
However, for many of us, the series was a source of entertainment, of hope, of inspiration, a place where we could seek refuge from discrimination or ignorance. For some of us, it has, therefore, become a world of its own.
It is a personal decision that everyone must make for themselves, but we strive to ensure that the author’s views do not take that world from us.

Harry Potter fans are people of every gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religion.
Jk Rowling’s work can help us cope with her own bias. We exist. And we are going nowhere.
Trans people are Valid.

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