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PBP NUIG Call For Students Not To Pay Repeat Fees

Posted by People Before Profit on Sun, 26-07-2020

People Before Profit NUIG oppose the imposition of repeat exam fees, even under normal circumstances. However, in the current circumstances, the decision to charge the full repeat fees is completely unacceptable. PBP NUIG have called on all students to boycott the payment of this fee.

PBP NUIG spokesperson Cian Mortimer says “Repeat fees are always disgraceful. However this year especially, given the disruptions and the nature of the exams, they are completely unacceptable. Students are already under a great amount of stress and financial pressure, particularly due to the pandemic. The lack of empathy being shown by the university is astounding”.

“The repeat fee is usually charged to cover costs such as supervision, venue etc. To continue to charge this fee when exams have been online is nothing short of a disgrace. Many students, such as a lot of arts modules, didn’t even take proper exams. Therefore, the thought that students would be expected to pay €295 to repeat an online Multiple-Choice Quiz, or to submit an assignment, is absurd and unacceptable”.

Mortimer added “it has become very clear that the only thing that the university will listen to is direct student action. Specifically action that hits them where they really care about, their pocket. Therefore, we are calling on all students affected by repeat exams to boycott the repeat fees. We deeply hope that the university will go back on such a disgusting, greed-driven decision. However, if they choose not to, the matter will be forced”.

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