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Competition Time with FilmSoc!!!!!!!!!

Posted by FilmSoc on Fri, 10-04-2020

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, FilmSoc has a competition for ya! Being in quarantine is not very fun and sometimes made even harder by not having any motivating projects to do. So...we at FilmSoc have a super fun competition for you all with the prize being a €20 JustEat voucher! So what do you have to do to possibly get your hands on this delicious voucher? Well, all you gotta do is make a short film! BUT you must include one thing in your film; a roll of toilet roll! The toilet roll doesn't have to be the main focus like in our example film, it simply can be in the background of a shot or used as a prop- but it must be included in order to qualify! The film also must be under 3 minutes long. The closing date will be May 4th so its the perfect project to keep you occupied til everything goes back to normal! There is no experience required- we shot this on an android phone (hence the shaky hand) and used a really basic editing software (Windows MovieMaker which comes on most Windows laptops). It's really silly but it gave us something to do for a good 3 hours! Here's the link:   And so, you can do it too (and even maybe win a JustEat voucher too!) The competition is open to all NUIG students and staff whether you're a member of the society or not, so do share this with your pals if you think they want to get on a creative buzz too! Then with your permission after sending to us, we'd love to upload these to our social medias to showcase the great films you made, all with one common theme; TP. Follow us on Insta for (almost) daily updates @nuig_filmsoc on the competition and feel free to ask any questions!!  

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