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PBP NUIG Call On NUI Galway To Scrap Repeat Fees

Posted by People Before Profit on Thu, 03-09-2020

People Before Profit NUIG are calling on the university to scrap their €295 repeat exam fee. This is far above and beyond the actual cost of running the exams, and it is absolutely disgraceful that university is profiting off of failed exams.

People Before Profit NUIG spokesperson, Cian Mortimer, said “The cost of running a repeat examination in a regular year works out to €10.98 per exam. However, this is not a regular year, and the costs of running these repeat exams will be reduced due to the exams taking place online. Despite this though, NUI Galway are still insisting on charging €295 per student, astronomical compared to the actual cost of the exams”.

Mortimer added “On average, between 2014 and 2019, 2,607 students per year sat repeat exams in NUI Galway. This means that brought in an average of over €769,000 per year on repeat examinations alone, working out an average profit margin of over €586,000. This is a complete extortion of students who already under a number of huge financial burdens- such as university fees and rent. This puts massive stress on students, trying to juggle college, work, and other aspects of their lives”.

Mortimer continued “Not only that, but NUI Galway hits its exam repeating students with a double penalty. Not only are they charged a €295 repeat fee, their result is also capped at a maximum of 40%. This result capping has been suspended for the year due to the pandemic, however, this double penalisation is something that must be addressed by the university going forward”.

“It is time for NUI Galway to scrap their repeat exam fee. The large cost of repeat exams is completely unfair any year, given the real cost of running the exams and the concurrent grade capping. However, particularly this year given the disruption to the year by COVID-19 and the financial stress that many students and families are under, it is absolutely disgraceful that the university are insisting on charging the fee”.

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