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FilmSoc Reviews: Psycho (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

Posted by FilmSoc on Wed, 06-02-2019

by Eoin McCambridge

Psycho is a pioneering horror film by Alfred Hitchcock. It initially tells the story of Marian Crane and her fleeing the city with stolen money to live a new life with her boyfriend. On her way, she stops in the now infamous Bates Motel and the plot begins to take a turn. One thing I can appreciate about Psycho is its willingness to take risks, the story weaves between different characters and creates a tense atmosphere where all characters are expendable. Anthony Perkins is the stand out as Norman Bates. He represents complete normality, however, Perkins performance is done so that you can’t help but feel uneasy whenever he's on screen, even if you can’t quite put your finger on why. Normality is a common theme in Psycho. None of the threats is monstrous, foreign or representative of a radical ideology, Norman Bates is a blue-collar business owner, working in a struggling market to provide for his elderly Mother. A strong encapsulation of the 50s American work ethic, hardly the Eastern Europe/communist ideals presented in earlier Horror movies. By the time the movie finishes and we find out what the real monster is we have come to understand something far more real a threat and as such, far more scary, remaining very much relevant all these years later.

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