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Theatre Week 2019

Posted by Dramsoc on Fri, 15-02-2019

NUI Galway Dramsoc’s Theatre Week 2019

February 18th-22nd

Theatre Week returns to NUI Galway on February 18th-22nd - busier and more jam-packed with events than ever! This year’s headliners are The Language Archive (by Julia Cho & dir. Cristina Scobee), Conversations on a Homecoming (by Tom Murphy & dir. Muireann Kavanagh / O’Doheny), and the Jerome Hynes One Act Play Series. Once again the One Acts will return to the Cube Theatre in Áras na Mac Léinn and as always, feature a myriad of subjects and characters.

‘Pigeon Face’ (by George Sheils & dir. Fiona Weidmann) is a story about a student suffering from an undiagnosed mental health issue which is causing him to hallucinate. In the fourth-wall pushing ‘Power Play’ (by Seán Donnely & dir. Patrick Sweeney), a psychotherapist and his patient find themselves in an unraveling reality as they come to terms with the fact they're fictional. A group of girls experiencing various interlinked crisis' assemble in the bathroom during ‘Ladies Night’ (by Nicole Mullan & dir. Cadhla Boyle) and chaos ensues. When a new statue, Joyce, is brought into ‘Catraz Park’ (by Sinead Ryan & dir. Alisha Finnerty) she meets Leonarda, a dominant older statue, who teaches her about life in the park. 'People are Happy on Trains' (by Anna Doyle & dir. Aoife Delaney Reade) tells the story of a young woman struggling with the loss of a loved one through fragmented inner thoughts and monologues.

Building on last year’s success, there will also be workshops held throughout the week on a range of different theatrical subjects. The Abbey Theatre will hold a workshop on dramaturgy while Technician Michael O’Halloran will hold a workshop on stage management and Jack Scullion will speak about production design. Galway Arts Festival will also speak about their upcoming shows.

As always with Theatre Week, keep an eye on the Dramsoc’s Facebook and Instagram for schedules, competitions and how best to enjoy this year’s Theatre Week!

Tickets on sale in Socsbox!

Lighting Workshop

Time: 12-1

Place: ODC Have you ever wanted to know how those beautiful stage lights come to fruition whilst watching a show? Then here is your chance to learn all the basics and begin to get creative behind the scenes

Stage Management Workshop


Place: ODC Workshop given by Mike O’Halloran on Stage management and Production management

GIAF Selected Talk

Time: 4.30-5

Place: ODC

SELECTED is Galway International Arts Festival’s professional development programme for emerging artists, theatre makers, curators and producers currently studying at NUI Galway

The Language Archive

Time: Monday 8,Tuesday 8, Wednesday 5

Place: The Cube

George is consumed with preserving and documenting the dying languages of far-flung cultures. Closer to home, though, language is failing. George doesn’t know what to say to Mary, to keep her from leaving. George also doesn’t recognize the deep feelings that lab assistant Emma has developed. Interspersed with George’s dissolving love life is the research into language and what we’re really saying when we speak.

Theatre Design Workshop


Place: The Stage

Come and learn about all things design related with jack Scullion as he talks about model boxes, costume rendering, portfolios and more!

Conversations on a Homecoming

Time: Tuesday 5, Wednesday 8, Thursday 8


Step back into 1978. Night Fever, ABBA and Kate Bush at the top of the charts. Jimmy Carter is the US President and Jack Lynch the taoiseach. The hippies have taken over US culture while the troubles are spiralling. In the local pub in east Galway, Micheal Ridge is home from America, after ten years emigrating in hopes of becoming an actor. Join Micheal, Tom, Junior and Liam as they catch up over pints in “The White House” and witness them spiral to arguing about who they’ve become from when they were young lads, fight over changed priorities, new found notions and a strong figure, now absent, JJ Kilkelly

Thomas Kilroy (Arts in Action)

Time: 1


Arts in Action, in association with the James Hardiman Library present the leading Irish playwright, Tom Kilroy, in conversation with broadcaster and writer, Vincent Woods

Conversations with the Cast

Time: 7-7.30

Place: BOI/Sult

Meet the cast of Conversations on Homecoming! Have a pint and ask them anything!

Abbey Dramaturgy Workshop

Time: 3-5

Place: The Space

What is Dramaturgy? Join Dramsoc along with Louise Stephens form the Abbey Theatre to discuss how dramaturgy is used in contemporary theatre!

Jerome hynes One Act Series


Place: The Cube

A showcase of the best NUI has to offer in terms of Drama! Five original plays directed by up and coming dramsoc directors

Devising Theatre from Text


Place: ODC (tbc)

Join us here at Dramsoc along with special guests Moonfish Theatre for a workshop on how to devise theatre for a workshop on how to devise theatre from source material such as texts/novels via creative games and interactive tasks

Stage Combat

Time: 4-6

Place: ODC (tbc)

One Acts Reception

Time: 8pm

Place: BOI A wine reception in the BOI before the one acts

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