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  • Society Awards 21: The Winners

    Posted by The Socs Box on Tue, 04-05-2021

    On the 28th of April 2021 the NUI Galway Society Awards were hosted online for the second time ever. The event stood out as a bright monument to the astonishing achievements of the students and societies of NUI Galway this past year.  In a usual year societies collectively would organise about 3000 events, and at the start of this academic year all indications pointed towards societies not being in a position to organise many events at all. In-person events were prohibited to ensure student safety and online events had historically been a scarcity. Remarkably societies this year have ...

  • Societies Create a Positivi-Tea Slogan!

    Posted by The Socs Box on Sat, 24-04-2021

    Create a short slogan with a positive message, add your society name and we will print them and put them on Positivi-Tea packs, which will have teabags and a sweet treat. The little gift bags with your slogans will be left in the study spaces in week 12 for the student to take to raise their spirits. So share the love and the positivi-tea! Email your slogan to, it has to fit on an address label so think short and sweet! ...

  • Levy Know the Facts

    Posted by The Socs Box on Tue, 20-04-2021

    For all the information on the impact of the changes to the levy which you will be asked to vote on Thursday 22nd,  ...

  • Final Year Gifts

    Posted by The Socs Box on Mon, 12-04-2021

    It's been an intense year - to say thank you and to send warm wishes to the society members who graduated a year ago, and to those who will be graduating this year we'd like to send you a gift. To avail of this gift simply fill in the form below, your address will only be used to send you out your gift and not for anything else. The deadline to complete the form is April 19th and gifts will be posted from May 18th onwards.  Please fill in this form ...

  • Easter Success!

    Posted by The Socs Box on Mon, 12-04-2021

    Last week the Societies Office brought Easter Eggs into the Library to make the day of the students studying there a little brighter - and to provide some much needed sugar to fuel said studying! Within hours all of the Easter eggs were demolished and the students around looked markedly cheerier than before. That's what we call a Happy Easter! ...

  • Gift From Societies to final year society members

    Posted by The Socs Box on Sun, 11-04-2021

    We would like to send a gift to the final year students. from the Societies as a memory of your time in NUI Galway. We are inviting the final year students who are a member of a society and any of society committee members who finished up last year and missed out on the full college experience to participate. Please fill the form linked below if you would like to receive a gift so we have your address.  The deadline to complete the form is April 19th and gifts will be posted from May 18th onwards.  Please fill in this form ...

  • SocsBox Closed till April 12th

    Posted by The Socs Box on Fri, 02-04-2021

    The SocsBox is closed from April 5th - 9th. The help desk will re open at 2pm on April 11th. We will approve bank payments at 11am from Tuesday 6th - Thur 8th April. Happy Easter Everyone ...

  • Free Easter Eggs in the Library from the Socs

    Posted by The Socs Box on Wed, 31-03-2021

    There will be free Easter eggs in the Library from the Societies Office and the Societies to wish all studetn visiting the Library a happy Easter on Thursday April 1st. ...

  • Socs & Clubs Fair at Re-Orientation Day!

    Posted by The Socs Box on Wed, 10-02-2021

    Are you ready for the Socs & Clubs Fair?Well you better get ready!It will be running from 12pm - 4pm on Wednesday 10th February as part of Re-Orientation Day!To attend the Socs Fair simply join the event at this Zoom link. Once in, move through breakout rooms visiting different Clubs and Socs. There'll be a change of Clubs & Socs each hour so feel free to pop in and out throughout the day!To see the full list of Socs & Clubs attending the fair and the events they're running go here!There's loads more happening at Re-Orientation Day: a Support Services Q & A, a series ...

  • Socs Chairperson Election Dec 17th

    Posted by The Socs Box on Thu, 17-12-2020

    Auditors be sure to vote in the election and find out about candidates on the Flirt FM Hustings.The elections are today Thursday 17th details here polls open at 10am and close at 8pm vote at this link are 4 candidatesZhonna Gonzalez DavisBrigid MelloyAdam Mullins                Barry SugrueOnly Auditors can vote.Hustings on Flirt FM ...

  • NUIG Jingle Jangle Celebrations!

    Posted by The Socs Box on Wed, 09-12-2020

    The NUIG Societies and Clubs offices are so excited to announce that we're launching #NUIGJingleJangle. Visit for more information.We have so many exciting things to show you including:-All our societies/clubs events featured on an easy to use calendar-A festive advent calendar featuring short films, concerts, theatre productions, photography exhibitions and many more-Information on upcoming Christmas #NUIGJingleJangle events hosted by our amazing societiesWe're so excited to show you what we have in store and if you have any questions please email ...

  • Leadership Goals Need to be Done by EVERYONE

    Posted by The Socs Box on Wed, 09-12-2020

    Leadership questions need to be done by all committee members to retain your committee position. To do this you need to go to the leadership tab in your dashboard and complete your leadership goals for the year. It only takes 5 minutes maximum so please get it done by the start of Semester 2.Check your emails as we have contacted all societies and committtee members who need to complete this step.If you have any questions please email ...

  • Jingle Jangle Elf Care Packs to be won

    Posted by The Socs Box on Mon, 07-12-2020

    The Socs & Clubs have teamed up for 2 weeks of Festive Fun with NUIG Jingle Jangle. Check out out interactive advent calendar that reveals new events, competitions and challenges & Socs & club of the day, each day for 12 days. Plus loads of fun events to get you in the festive mood.  All the details are on ...

  • Societies Help Desk up and running!

    Posted by The Socs Box on Thu, 22-10-2020

    Do you have a problem, question or just want to chat about societies with The SocsBox?If you follow the link here between 2pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm every Monday to Thursday we can sort any issues you may have.Feel free to pop in and chat whenever you want :) ...

  • How do I go to society events?

    Posted by The Socs Box on Wed, 30-09-2020

    So you're brand new to NUI Galway and you want to go to a society event, how do you go about doing that? Whatever society you want to join, you will want to visit YourSpace and have a look at what societies you want to join. When you join them all of that societies event's will be up on your calendar with information as to how to attend that societies event's. Now that we're online societies have had to be creative with what events we can do. You'll most likely see a link to Zoom, Teams, Discord, etc. and you can visit them through those. All our societies are extremely welcoming to all ...

  • NUI Galway Societies win big at BICS Awards!

    Posted by The Socs Box on Wed, 30-09-2020

    NUI Galway has retained its positions as the top ranked third level institution for societies on after collecting the two top best society awards for and the award for best events at the national society awards.  ...

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