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  • Competition Time with FilmSoc!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by FilmSoc on Fri, 10-04-2020

    Hey all you cool cats and kittens, FilmSoc has a competition for ya! ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: In Bruges

    Posted by FilmSoc on Mon, 16-03-2020


  • FilmSoc Reviews: The Lighthouse

    Posted by FilmSoc on Wed, 05-02-2020

    By Eoin McCambridgeThe Lighthouse is the new film from director Robert Eggers and stars Robert Pattinson as Ephraim Winslow and Willem Dafoe as Thomas Wake, two men who work as lighthouse keepers on a small island in the late 1800s. As the film progresses the isolation starts to take a toll on the men, and they deal with the expected troubles that come with spending a long period of time with the same person and no one else. That’s all I can say about the plot really, and that’s for two reasons. One, obviously, is spoilers and the other is you’re never really sure of what’s truly going ...

  • FilmSoc Magazine available this Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by FilmSoc on Fri, 24-01-2020

    After much hard work, the FilmSoc magazine will be available for public purchase at our table beside Smokey's cafe from 11am-4pm!   We will also be selling some delicious treats so come on down and quench your literature and sweet tooth desires all in one go!The magazine has film reviews of many genres from many student contributors! Giving students an opportunity to see their work published in a real physical magazine is something we are particularly proud of! It also has some great interviews with some well knownfilm faces from Ireland as well as some behind the scenes shots ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: Cats

    Posted by FilmSoc on Sat, 28-12-2019

    By Eoin McCambridge Don't see Cats. I went to see it cause i was expecting to see a film like The Room, a film so bad its enjoyable, in the same way you cant help but look at a car crash taking place. Its horrible but you're gripped by it. In reality Cats isn't that type of movie. Its just plain terrible and just boring. So boring in fact that I left the cinema after an hour of watching it. Keep that in mind while reading my review, i haven't actually seen the whole film, but know the reason for that is because I was so disengaged with the parts I saw that I felt the film was beyond ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: Le Mans '66

    Posted by FilmSoc on Tue, 10-12-2019

    By Eoin McCambridgeLe Mans 66, (also referred to as Ford vs Ferrari) is the new film from James Mangold (director of Logan, The Wolverine and Walk the Line). It tells the true story of the Ford motor companies efforts in the sixties to combat falling sales by designing a sports car able to beat Ferrari's car at the Le Mans race course. What do they do to attempt this? Bring in the team of engineer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale). Despite being built around a car race the film is ‘not about speed’ as Damon’s character says. You don’t have to care about ...

  • Film Soc Reviews: The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Posted by FilmSoc on Thu, 14-11-2019

    The Nightmare Before ChristmasTake a Trip to Halloween Town in this Tim Burton Classic4/5 starsBy Jack KellyIt's become a yearly debate - when is it too early to start celebrating Christmas? Is it the moment Halloween is over, or should Christmas trees only be allowed to go up after the Late Late Toy Show? Many an opinion piece has been written about the matter, so I'll spare you any further ramblings on the matter. (to be honest, if it was up to me, we'd start celebrating Christmas in June) However, this very idea inspired producer Tim Burton (yes, I couldn't believe he didn't direct it ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: Doctor Sleep

    Posted by FilmSoc on Sat, 02-11-2019

    By Eoin McCambridgeFor those that don’t know, new big Halloween release Doctor Sleep is the sequel to the 1980 classic horror The Shining directed by the late Stanley Kubrick and based on the book by Stephen King. Doctor Sleep, also based on a 2013 book by King, tells the story of Danny Torrance (originally played in The Shining by child actor Danny Lloyd) decades after the traumatic events of the first film as he encounters more people with his supernatural ability ‘to shine’ and has to protect ‘shining’ teen Abra from a travelling gang of similarly supernatural villains. Ewan ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: The King - A Film Worth Hailing

    Posted by FilmSoc on Wed, 30-10-2019

    All Hail King Henryby Laura Curran4/5 StarsRuntime: 140 minutesAfter receiving an eight minute standing ovation during its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, The King (David Michôd, 2019) has finally made its way onto selected cinema screens before its world wide release on streaming platform Netflix on November 1st. Directed by David Michôd (Animal Kingdom, 2010) and starring Timothée Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name, 2017), Joel Edgerton (who also co-wrote the screenplay with Michôd) and Robert Pattinson; The King is based on several plays from Shakespeare's 'Henriad' and depicts ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: Movies with Great Stories!

    Posted by FilmSoc on Wed, 23-10-2019

    Movies with Great Stories!by Rajan NayakMany of us have often been asked, about what movies are the best. My answer to ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: The Youngest Saviour

    Posted by FilmSoc on Wed, 23-10-2019

    The Youngest Saviour!by Rajan Nayak ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: The Irishman

    Posted by FilmSoc on Fri, 18-10-2019

    By Eoin McCambridgeNetflix’s newest big new release The Irishman sees the acclaimed team of Robert De Niro and director Martin Scorsese reunite for the first time since 1995s Casino. De Niro stars as real life mafia hitman Frank ‘Irish’ Sheeran in this gangster film based on Sheeran’s memoir ‘I Heard You Paint Houses’, chronicling his relationships with the Buffalino crime family and trade union leader Jimmy Hoffa throughout the 60s and 70s. Hoffa is played by Al Pacino and Joe Pesci seemingly comes out of retirement to play crime boss Russell Buffalino. The holy trinity of ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: Joker

    Posted by FilmSoc on Thu, 10-10-2019

    Joaquin Phoenix puts on a happy face in the year's darkest blockbuster4.5/5 starsby Jack Kelly There are few villains as famous as the Joker. Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter and maybe Hans Gruber are the only baddies that spring to mind that are as iconic as the Clown Prince of Crime. Yet, ask somebody who their favourite Joker is and you're bound to get different answers. Most would say Heath Ledger's defining Joker from 'The Dark Knight', others would say Jack Nicholson's more comedic turn in 'Batman' (1989) - some might even say Mark Hamill's voice performance from the cartoons and ...

  • FilmSoc Reviews: IT: Chapter Two

    Posted by FilmSoc on Mon, 23-09-2019

    by Kieran O'Brien IT: Chapter 2 is carrying a lot of weight on its shoulders. It must suffer the pressure of adapting a beloved novel; it must act as a sequel, setting up characters we thought we knew, albeit twenty-seven years later; it has the weight of expectation after a commercially and critically popular first instalment, but most of all, it must frighten us. If Pennywise the Dancing Clown is anything less than horrifying, we will leave the cinema disappointed. Thankfully, IT: Chapter 2 bears this weight well.We follow the now-grown-up members of the Loser’s Club as they fight to put ...

  • Extra Ordinary - Film Review

    Posted by FilmSoc on Sat, 14-09-2019

    by Kieran O'BrienHorror-Comedy is a fiendishly difficult genre to pull off well, but Extra Ordinary does it with a grace and ease that most viewers are sure to enjoy. Set in a small Irish village (presumably somewhere in County Cork), we follow Rose (Maeve Higgins), a lonely and guilt-ridden driving instructor on her journey to save her love-interest’s daughter from being sacrificed in a Satanic ritual. Nothing can be said about Extra Ordinary without first praising the acting. Comedian Maeve Higgins gives an incredibly natural and charming performance here. She is exceedingly endearing ...

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