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SocsBox Virtual Help Desk

Any and all questions relating to societies can be accepted at the SocsBox virtual help desk from Monday-Thursday from 2pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm

Please follow this link 

Funding Info

Check out the new Schedule of Allowances here

Make sure you sign up you attendees at your virtual events to get funding see this module on how to do this here

Society Training 

All society training will be at this link This is our help desk, and training will happen in a breakout room.
Monday 23rdTuesday 24thWednesday 25thThursday 26thFriday 27th
11am - 12.30pm
3pm - 4.30pmTreasurer
5pm - 6pmPR TrainingHow to use Discord
6pm - 7pmSocs Committee Collaboration CafePhoto & Video on your android phoneSociety TeamworkVirtual Events
Monday 30thTuesday 1stWednesday 2ndThursday 3rdFriday 4th
11am - 12.30pmTreasurer
3pm - 4.30pm
5pm - 6pmCreating Accessible content on lineDesigning Posters on Canva
6pm - 7pmHow to use DiscordHow to use Zoom

Additional Treasurer Training

Dec 8th at 2pm -3.30pm
Dec 16th 12pm - 1.30pm

How T
raining Works:

There are a series on modules in your dashboard under e-learning, the training will take you through a module with Q & A, once you attend the session complete the module in your dashboard. Society training requirement: a minimum of 2 e-learning modules taken by a minimum of 4 committee members. For your leadership award/digital badge complete 2 modules. Best practice would be that all of your committee take the appropriate modules to maximise their learning and understanding of their role. This year particularly it is important that each committee member is empowered to understand their role and how societies work.

Sessions Description

Socs 101

How do Societies Work, The role of the USCG, AGM/EGM explained, Constitutions, Using the Dashboard & new features,The role of the SocsBox 
Associated E-Learning Modules: 5: Societies how they work & 10: How to use the Society Dashboard (Presented by Lily & Ronan)

The role of the AuditorVice Auditor, leadership skills, team building, managing meetings & Society Leadership Award, future proofing your society.
Associated E-Learning Modules 2: Leadership for success the role of the auditor vice auditor. (Presented by Kate)

PR (Publicity & Promotion)
Comprehensive guide to promotion, desirable PR skills, how to promote your society, social media platforms  press releases, society website & NUI Galway PR tools, Creative tools and tips: posters, promo video and eye catching photos.
Associated E-Learning Modules: 4 Public relations society training (Presented by Carol)

Secretary Training
Managing meetings, agendas, minutes, society protocols, communication and end of year report.
Note re training we are also starting to upload modules into the e-learning section of the societies dashboard.
Associated E-Learning Modules: 8 Secretary Presented by Kate

How to be a treasurer, the schedule of allowances and budgeting explained, how to use banking on line and the societies finance website.
Associated E-Learning Modules: Treasurer Training  (Presented by Mary & Aislinn)
Mary will set up smaller meetings to get you your passwords and key codes.

Conflict Resolution
How to create an environment where you can avoid conflict and know how to deal with it when it arises.
Associated E-Learning Modules: 1 Conflict Resolution (Presented by Riona)

Sponsorship & Fundraising
How to get and keep a sponsor, ideas for fundraising and best practice for your activities.
Associated E-Learning Modules: 1 Sponsorship & Fundraising (coming shortly) (Presented by Riona)

Socs Collaboration Cafe
This is a weekly opportunity for the societies to come together, get input into ideas and socs collaborations, ask questions and support each other. A weekly invite will be sent so if you have topics you would like discussed email
(Facilitated by Riona)

Society Teamwork
Understanding team dynamics and making the best of your society committee, planning, the importance of meetings and setting goals.
(Facilitated by Kate)

Virtual Events
Choosing the right platform, creating the right atmosphere online, ideas for events and keeping everyone safe.
(Facilitated by Riona)

Photo & Video Editing on Android phone
How to create easy content with your android phone to promote your society.
(Facilitated by Aislinn)

How to Use Discord

Using Discord and how to engage with your society through it. You'll be walked through how to set-up your own server and how to moderate it to protect your server members.

(Facilitated by Lily)

How to Design Posters on Canva

Designing posters for your event is very important and we can teach you how to use Canva which is a useful program to design your posters. We will run you through how the posters work on Canva.

(Facilitated by Kate)

NB Things to do
What's happening/Calendar & Mail

-Don't forget to add your events to the calendar and A4 portrait posters to the Socs homepage on the dashboard. The Whats Happening will be circulated every Monday.

-Your EGM/AGM requires at least 5 days notice on the calendar and emailed to your members. Your Socs email is a gmail, your mailing list is your society in the 'TO' box, no attachments (use your file vault to create a URL), we are dealing with mail problems and mail going into spam. Also you have texting, one per week to your members.

Zoom is now an option for you to book when you create your events on the calendar, note we have just got 15 hosts so only use it for your bigger meetings or where you need the zoom features such as break out/ polls rooms. Give your self an extra 30 minutes in case your event runs over time. Like all virtual events you need to pick who it is aimed at, and your members will be able to get the link when they are logged into YourSpace. 

-If you are having a big event and need a webpage or 2 let us know and we can help you.

Society Funding
The USCG have updated the Schedule of Allowances to take into account financial needs you may have that differ to the norm. Updated Schedule here. You can request funding by emailing Mary at for immediate needs.

Society Leadership Award
Make sure your society has completed all the steps for the leadership award in your dashboard: Your Mission & Gopals and your committee members goals, this is a requirement to stay on the committee.
Make sure all of your committee are added to the dashboard as 'current year' so they have access to the Leadership Award and all the facilities on the dashboard. note you do need to have 4 committee members to retail recognition by the end of October.
Note completing 2 modules counts towards your training requirements for your award.
There are also series on videos in your dashboard under 'points of information' on how to use the dashboard.

Check out Society Rules & Protocols at this link.

New Societies

Welcome to Book Club, Helping Hands, SAVA and WiSTEM.

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