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Society Training 21

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Society Training Spring 2021

Training takes place in the SocsBox Help Desk at this link.

Remaining Sessions:

Societies' Webstore Training

Thursday 25th March 6.30pm

Treasurer Training

Wednes 24th March 2pm - 3pm
Wednes 31st March 12pm - 1pm
Tuesday 6th May 11am - 12pm

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Training Promo Video

Please also see the full list of Training modules in your dashboard. 2 modules equals one live session for adding training eligibility to your various certs.

  1. Conflict Resolution

  2. Leadership for success the role of the auditor/vice auditor

  3. Your society profile: intro to creating a public image

  4. Public relations society training

  5. Societies: how they work

  6. Extra Curricular opportunities at NUI Galway & Societies!

  7. Covid-19-student-induction-training-2020

  8. Secretary Training

  9. Societies Teamwork

  10. How to use the Society Dashboard

  11. Societies money how it works

  12. Guide to sponsorship fundraising

  13. Treasurers Managing Your Finances 2020

  14. Socs online: Maximising your virtual world

  15. How to use Discord

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