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USCG Reps 2017

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Artistic & Performance: Brandon Walsh 
Social and Cultural: Sinead Ruane
Academic: Mohanned Gashash
Special Interest: Tim Murphy 
Lifestyle and Wellbeing: Chris Kelly
Social Action and Political: Niamh Ni Fhlatharta
Religious and Volunteering: Peter Kelly

SU Societies Chairperson: Ruth Sweeney

The first USCG meeting will be on September 7th at 6pm to approve the new provisional societies.

How the elections take place:

Candidates return their signed form to the Societies Office in Aras na Mac Leinn.


Outgoing Reos for 2016/17:
Artistic & Performance: Doireann NicDhonnacha 
Social and Cultural: Sinead Ruane
Academic: Tim Murphy
Special Interest: Eoghan Doyle
Lifestyle and Wellbeing: Chris Kelly
Social Action and Political: Ricky Jinks

USCG Student Representative Election Procedure
- Any society member is eligible for election.
- The rep must be nominated by three auditors of the academic year 2016/17 within their constituency. In the event of more than one candidate in any constituency an election will be held.
- One vote per Society. Auditors may vote. In the absence of an auditor a vice auditor may vote. Proxy voting forms will be available in the SocsBox for collection by the Auditor or Vice Auditor, which will need to be signed and submitted to the SocsBox by 4pm on the evening of the election.
- Candidates will be elected by proportional representation.
- Voters may number all the candidates in order of preference but are encouraged to indicate at least first, second and third preferences.
USC reps may attend the Auditors forum but may not vote unless he/she is an Auditor.
- The returning officer shall be the Societies Officer

For details on the USCG go to;


If you notice your society is missing contact the socsbox.

Academic Societies

Archaeology, Astronomy, Botany, Biomedical, Business, CCAFS, Chemistry, Classics, Cumann Staire, Emergency Medicine Societ, Energy, Engineering, Finance, French, Geography, G-eos, German, Italian, Journalism, Law, Maths, Marine, Medicine, Microbiology, Neuro, Occupational Therapy, Paediatric Society, Physics, Psychological, Psychiatry, Philosophy, Speech & Language, Surgery, Zoological.

Volunteering and Religious Societies  

AIESEC, Best Buddies, Cancer Society, Dochas, Dra√≠ocht, Enactus, FLAC, Friends of MSF, InterFaith, Islamic Youth, St Vincent de Paul, Voluntary Services Abroad. 

Artistic and Performing Societies

Art, Choral, Cumann Dramaiochta, Comedy, Dansoc, DJ, Dramsoc, Film, Juggling, Music, Musical, Orchestra, Photography, Radio, Rock, Trad Soc, Writers.

Social and Cultural

African Caribbean, Chinese, Cumann Gaelach, Entrepreneurship, Erasmus Students Network, GIG (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender), India, Literary and Debating, Malaysian Society, Mature Students, Pakistani.

Special Interest Societies

American Football, Anime & Manga, Chess, Comic Book, Computer, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fifa, Foosball, Karting, MMA, Nothing Specific, Poker, Potter, Retro, Time Lord, Victorian, Video Game.

Social Action and Political Societies

Amnesty, Choice, Cumann de Barra (Fianna Fail), Failte Refugees, Feminist, Housing Action Now!, Life, Misneach, Sinn Féin, Palestine Solidarity, People Before Profit, Shoutout, Social Democrats, SSDP, Young Fine Gael.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Airsoft, Baking, Bike Gang, Cheerleading, Lotus, Organic Gardening, Rover, Skate, Sl√°inte, Sober, Students for Health Equality, Style, Zen.

For more information on the USCG go to;

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