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NUI Galway Societies committee member can now earn Digital Badges.

What is a Digital Badge

Digital badges are an online method of recognising, accrediting and displaying achievements, skills or participation. The Society badges received by our members acts as a verifiable record of their participation as a society committee member.
The badge can be claimed via a link that gives access to the Open Badges Passport, a mini e-portfolio system where one can store and display badges online. In practice, one can collect badges from multiple organisations, store the badges online and display them as one choose, eg. on website, social network or blog.

How to Earn Your Badge

To Earn a badge you must be an elected committee member of a society which has completed the following criteria:

  • Have 100 members
  • Have at least 4 committee members
  • Have held at least 4 events
  • Have completed all end of year reports
  • Have an up to date constitution

Each individual elected committee member must:

Complete the end of year reflection and committee member survey 

Leadership badge requirements: 

  • Hold one of the core committee positions: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO and Safety Officer.
  • Have or be entitled to 2 team badge one must be for a named committee position with specific duties (not OCM) and you must have attended training. (does not have to be the same society)
  • Hold 3 team badge as OCM for at least 2 consecutive years, you must have attended training in one of the years (does not have to be the same society)

Team badge requirements:

  • Hold any non core position on a society committee

Add the Training Extra to your badge

The Cup Denotes having attended society training

Each badge contains the year it was issued, more details of the societies level of activity can be found in the specific year book at this link

Badges will be issued by the end of August 2018 make sure your society has completed its end of year reports and that you have completed your personal end of year reflection and completed the committee survey. The deadline to be eligible for a badge is June 20th 2018. The badge will be e-mailed to your nuigalway e-mail address with full instructions on how it can be used.

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