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How to do your Society End of Year Report
Deadline 19th April

Your end of year report combines your treasurer’s report and secretary’s report.

Please note:  every committee member can log into the societies dashboard on You also have a personal dashboard on Here you can join societies, clubs and other services, as well as apply for various awards- i.e. ALIVE and Employability, and you will find a personal calendar.

Treasurer’s Report.

To complete your Treasurer’s report you need to have your accounts:

¬∑         Up to date

¬∑         All your receipts up-loaded, grouped and submitted for approval.

¬∑         All income and all expenditure need to be included and fully explained even if it did not go through your bank account. (i.e., a sponsor paid for something on your behalf).

¬∑         All cheques need to be numbered

¬∑         Lodge any cash in hand.

¬∑         Make payments to any charities

¬∑         Leave any uncashed cheques as ‚Äėunreconciled‚Äô and fully explained.

¬∑         Balanced your accounts (you have got the ‚Äėzero‚Äô)

Your balance sheet is automatically updated each morning at 8 am in your secretary’s report.

Once you have finished your accounts, e-mail and your accounts will be archived, any activity after this will be part of next year’s accounts.

If your activities continue beyond the end of term e-mail with the estimated date you will be finished.


Secretary’s Report

This is in your society’s dashboard; it does not necessarily have to be completed by your secretary as everyone on the committee has a part to play.

In your dashboard go here:

Then click on ‚ÄėSecretary Report Generator‚Äô


Step 1: Society Description

This should be a brief summary of your year- make sure to include any triumphs, things you are proud of and any wins at competitions.

Upload a photo and be sure to include a description and the names of the people in the photo.


Step 2: Constitution

If you made changes to your constitution tick the box. Note: if you have made changes these need to be submitted to the USCG for approval and must be approved at a society AGM/EGM. Your approved constitution must also be uploaded in your file vault and the url generated added to the correct section in your profile link. It will then appear on your public profile. You can find your public profile on the main Socs homepage under ‚ÄėSOCIETIES‚Äô link. See how to update your constitution here.



Step 3: Society Committee Details

This year’s committee
Make sure your committee is correct, anyone who held a position in Semester 1 but is no longer on the committee should be included (i.e. Auditor Semester 1) and people on sub committees.
Anyone who has to be added also needs to e-mail in their aims for the year to or they will be removed from the committee. Note: committee members need to have been elected at a properly convened EGM/AGM or co-opted according to the rules of your constitution. If you are electing someone who is no longer a student you need to be aware of the relevant policy on page 29 of this document. Staff can hold positions on committees.


New Committee/ Next Years Committee

Add in your newly elected committee but do not overwrite this year’s committee. To add in the new members, you will need their student ID number to add them in. If you do not successfully elect a committee for next year make sure someone stays on in an interim position, as this year’s committee will be locked out on July 1st. After this date the new committee will then have access to the dashboard.


Step 4: Leadership

In the next section you will be able to see if you have answered all your leadership questions. Every member on the committee must complete their end of year reflection and complete the survey. The society must also complete these questions- there is a link from the secretary’s report or go directly to the leadership section in your dashboard. Note: the society’s general answers will appear in your end of year report but the individual committee members answers will not.

  • Reflecting on your mission statement how did your society do this year?                               
  • Did your society achieve any of its aims, objectives and goals?
  • What would you regard as your societies greatest success?
  • What would you regard as your societies greatest challenge? 


Step 5: Events

Check that all of your events have been included, remove any duplicates or cancelled events. You do this by going to the ‚Äėcalendar link‚ÄĚ. Make sure any committee meetings are categorised as committee meetings in ‚Äėevent type‚Äô


Step 6: Finance

See Treasurer’s section above.


Step 7: Submitting the report

When you have reached the end of the report be sure to click ‚Äėsave‚Äô

You will then be brought back to a view of your report.

Once you are satisfied it is complete tick the ‚ÄėMark Report Completed‚Äô box and click ‚Äėsave‚Äô



Digital Badges are available to committee members of societies whose secretary reports are complete.
The SocsBox then checks all reports and verifies they are complete. This verification makes the badges available to the individual committee members.

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges are an online method of recognising, accrediting and displaying achievements, skills or participation. The Society badges are received by members and acts as a verifiable record of their participation as a society committee member.
The badge can be claimed via a link that gives access to the Open Badges Passport, a mini e-portfolio system where one can store and display badges online. In practice, one can collect badges from multiple organisations, store the badges online and display them as one choose, e.g., on websites, social networks or blogs.

How to Earn Your Badge

Each individual committee member must:

-       Complete the end of year reflection,

-       Complete the committee member survey

-       Have attended Socs training or have completed a Blackboard training module (you can see in the leadership section if you have already attended training). Note: Blackboard training is not automatically updated, we up-date every Friday.

Leadership badge requirements: 

To get a leadership badge you must:

  • Hold one of the core committee positions: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Have or be entitled to receive two team badges; one must be for a named committee position with specific duties (not OCM) note: it does not have to be for the same society.
  • Hold three team badges as an OCM for at least two consecutive years, note: it does not have to be for the same society.

Team badge requirements: 

To get a team leadership badge you must:

  • Hold any non-core position on a society committee

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