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Society training is an important part of our society calendar each year. This year we have a new updated programme of training to fit in with your timetable. Please make sure to input your Student ID and email correctly. If you have any problems please don't hesitate to email us on 

We are backing this up with on-line training which will be in Blackboard and every committee member will have the opportunity to get a Digital Badge from the University as well as an ALIVE Cert with Society Leadership.

Training will take place at several different times so there should be an opportunity to make at least one session. Each session is repeated 2 or 3 times. The training dates are Saturday 21st September, Tuesday 24th September - Thursday 26th September and Friday 11th October. Auditors Away Day is on September 29th and one rep form each society must attend.  See the full timetable here and make sure you do not book into 2 clashing sessions. See the timetable here   
NOTE to get funding 4 members of your committee must attend at least 1 session each. (a person can attend for more than one society)

NOTE if you book for Auditors Away Day or Saturday Lunch and do not attend or give 3 days notice of not attending your society will be fined 20 euro for Auditors Away Day and 10 euro for Saturday lunch.

Register for Training here

Saturday 21st

Venue: row 1 bailey Allen 2, row 2 the view, row 3 aras u cathaill lecture hall, row 4 meeting rooms aras na mac leinn.

Sept 24th -26th

Auditors Away Day Sept 29th

Bus departs 10am sharp from the Orbsen Building.

Friday 11th October

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