NUI Galway Societies Leadership Programme and essential Society Training

Leadership Programme and essential Society Training

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Additional Training (I hour) for anyone still needing to attend training

How to do ALIVE, leadership Socs Awards BICS Awards and new attending events tool in your dashboard

Friday 10am Large Acoustic Room and Monday 8pm Meeting Room (just turn up)

The deadline is fast approaching to get your leadership award and your ALIVE cert

I have put together a PDF that explains step by step what each individual member of your society and the society itself needs to do to get the award.



Socs log into your dashboard and approve any pending applications and stay on top of this as the individual applications close on on Tuesday March 14th at 12.15pm.

Individual Committee members 

Log into your dashboard and do your personal end of year reflection and short survey. We are currently finishing off the list of people who attended training (we have to tick each person individually so its time consuming) 

Deadline Friday March 10th at 1pm.

If you are on this list we know you have attended training and we will approve you on the system. if we have left you out in error let us know asap.

YOU have until Friday at 1pm to complete your personal reflection adn survey.
On Friday afternoon we will confirm everyone who has done the survey.

In Alive you will then see Society leadership Award as an option to choose.

You must complete your ALIVE application by Tuesday at 12.15pm.

Societies you must approve and complete your part of the application by Wednesday 15th at 2.15pm.

APPROVE PEOPLE NOW DON'T LEAVE ANYONE WAITING IN PENDING (if they are due to get a cert with you.

Your members can get alive certs without the leadership award in total anyone getting the ALIVE cert needs 20 hours in total across all their volunteering.

To Get the leadership award you must have a minimum of 20 hours with your society.

There are 24 term weeks so please think about the hours you have volunteered with your society and try an be as accurate as you can. It includes time putting up posters, making calls, attending events, rehearsing  etc...

Check out our Leadership Report from 2015/16 here.

The Leadership Award

How does the awards work?

The Leadership programme is open to all society committee members.
There is a new Leadership section in the new dashboard.

There are 4 easy steps

Setting the Society Goals and individual goals (step 1)

Fulfilling the requirements to be a society (step 2)

Reflecting (step 3)

Receiving Recognition and accreditation (step 4)

Please note it is an integral part of being a society and is mandatory to receive funding so be sure to complete step 1 before you budget will be approved. Budget deadline Oct 15th.

Committee members who fail to complete step 1 with their personal goals will be removed from their committee position on Nov 11th. If they are core members of the committee the society will need to hold an EGM to full the position, check your constitution for how to hold an EGM.

Leadership Certificate

Committee members can add ‘Society Leadership Award’ to their ALIVE Certificate.

Instruction for the Societies:

Step 1: Setting your goals (do this now)

Hold a committee meeting

1. Identify any outstanding training needs,

2. All who attended training must fill in the training feedback survey.

3. Create your society mission statement

4. What are your societies goals and objectives for the year

5. Fill in the on line form

6. Each of you committee members identify one or more learning outcomes they hope to achieve this year. Fill in the individual committee members goals for the year.


Step 2: Be a Society 

 Have a great productive year and complete the following:

Your society must:

  • Complete the leadership programme
  • Submit all events to the society calendar
  • Receipt expenditure and balance account on an on-going basis
  • Host at least 4 events each semester
  • Have over 100 members
  • Have an up to date constitution on your profile (appendix 4)
  • Have a society safety statement on your profile
  • Have at least 4 people on your committee
  • Complete your ALIVE application

Use this opportunity to also

  • Up-date your constitution as appropriate
  • Prepare and submit your budget
  • Complete your safety statement and up load a pdf version to your profile.

Step 3 Reflection


Society committee:

At the end of the year hold a final meeting before you AGM, reflect on your year, on what goals and objectives you achieved, what you are most proud of and what the major challenges were.


Complete your society end of year reports and hold an AGM to elect a new committee.


Individual Committee members:


Individuals complete your Alive Application portfolio

Take the short survey


Step 4: Recognition & Accreditation

Leadership Certificate

Your Society must complete all steps of the leadership programme by the ALIVE deadline.

You must attend at least one society training session.

Fill in your Alive Application including completing the survey.

Check out the Leadership Award results from last year and how to do your cert for this year.

Leadership Information

Society training Manuals

General Handbook
Protocols Handbook
Finance Handbook
Guide for Chairpersons
Guide for Secretariies
Minute taking Template
Letter Writing Template
Child Protection Policy
Support Services for Students

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