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ANNOUNCEMENT: Last chance to do the Employability Award workshop Monday March 4th at 10am in The Seminar Room in the Career Centre e-mail if you are going to attend. Committee members see your e-mail sent 1/3/19 for more details. 

To find out about  NUI Galway SOCIETY and BICS AWARDS Go to this link 

There are 4 opportunities to get your recognition

  • Societies Digital Badge
  • New Employability Award
  • ALIVE Cert (also called Presidents Award)
  • Societies leadership Award as part of your ALIVE Cert

Employability Award

The Careers Office has launched a new Employability Award this year which you can access in 

Grace who is managing the award is offering the mandatory employability workshop to societies who may have missed it in semester 1 next week.

Please go to this link to let Grace know you are interested in doing the award. The last opportunity to do the Employability Workshop is Tuesday 27th February 6pm - 8pm Venue to be confirmed. This is one of the 5 mandatory steps to get your Award.

Note when you log into yourspace and click on the link on the left menu it will bring you to your application, if you have attended any career events or the employability workshop or any relevant skills workshops this will show up in your application automatically. Early next week the employability award will pull into the skills section your society and committee position and you will have a description box to demonstrate that your position was one of responsibility with a clearly defined role.

There is also the ALIVE Cert for Volunteering in yourspace and you can add your society Leadership Award to your ALIVE cert full details on all the available Certs/ awards are here. The ALIVE application now automatically pulls in your committee position and there is an option for your members to get their ALIVE Cert by picking Society and 'volunteer' as the role. All your society applicants are automatically accepted but you ahev an opportunity to reject people and adjust hours at the end. To do your personal ALIVE cert log into yourspace, to complete the society part log into

Have you checked out all the training modules in Blackboard (these count as training for your Leadership Award and Digital Badges) This year the system is also automated and will cross check if you have the required training and if your society is eligible.

Here is info on the Employability Award.  
(do not confuse all this talk of awards with the Socs Awards Ball on March 22nd in the Clayton hotel. Tickets are available for committee members at 15 euro per ticket or a society/s can purchase a table of 10 for 135 euro. They will be going on sale from next Tuesday (Feb 27th). Tables of 10 will be reserved all other tickets will be open seating. (we will take a reserve list for non committee members who have contributed to your society but as tickets are limited we want to give every society a chance to get some tickets)

The NUI Galway Employability Award is a recognition of learning and skills developed through work experience and extra-curricular activities.  It is designed to support you by engaging in employability enhancement activities beyond your degree.

This award is designed to give you the opportunity to increase your employability skills by

  • getting recognition for your work experience and leadership roles

  • developing your skills for work

  • articulating what you can offer to future employers

To complete the NUI Galway Employability Award you must

  • Attend an introductory employability workshop Last chance is Tuesday 27th 6pm - 8pm Venue to be confirmed.

  • Complete work experience hours (40 hrs experience minimum) (For societies the minimum is 50 hours volunteered on society work by named society committee positions with clear responsibilities ie Auditor, Sectretary, Treasurer, health and Safety officer, PRO etc)

  • Attend at least ONE skills development event (your society training for specific roles will count and if you have attended any such training it has been automatically added to your employability award)

  • Attend at least TWO career workshops (see list of semester 2 workshops here)

  • Complete & submit your CV and self-reflection 

This award encourages you to participate fully in university life, gain work experience and develop your employability skills.  This NUI Galway Employability Award will help you stand out from the crowd in the employer’s job market.

Image result for nuig alive

ALIVE Certs (Presidents Award)

Your members who volunteer at least 10 hours with you can apply for an ALIVE cert with you. In your dashboard you can reject any applications (but e-mail applicants with a reason) and up date their hours, this is done after the individual deadline, you also need to add in a short description of your society and you can upload a photo. Committee members details are added in automatically to the award section in

You can get an ALIVE Cert without the Society Leadership Award but not the other way around.

Individuals: You get your ALIVE Cert by applying in, if you are on a committee the role and society will automatically be there for you, if you volunteer with a society you need to add this in. You must answer the 8 questions and put in your hours to get the cert.
Societies you need to go to your society dashboard on and go to the ALIVE link and fill in the short society description and check that everyone who has applied to get a cert with your society is entitled to one. There will be about a day once the individual applications close (Monday at noon) to check all your applications and accept or reject them and make any adjustments to hours. You must do this or your members will n.
You can add Society Leadership to your ALIVE Cert (It will also include your society and committee position)

The Society Leadership Award

This is an add on to your ALIVE Cert, you can get the ALIVE Cert without the leadership part.
your society must be eligible (you were e-mailed late last week if you had not achieved eligibility and we updated the lists yesterday.

Society Eligibility requires: 
Completing the 2 questions in the leadership section Mission and Aims
4 committee members (they need to have their first personal questions answered)
You need to have held at least 8 events this year.
100 members

Personal Eligibility Requires
Answering your first question and your end of year reflection in the leadership section in your dashboard.
completing the short surevy in the leadership section
attending training*
Applying to do the ALIVE cert in

* If you attended a training session during the year you have already been added in and you will see the training button is green. You can also get this by completing at least one society training module in blackboard and scoring 100% on the test, this is easy to do as the quiz at the end is short and it shows you what question you got wrong.. Some of you have obviously logged in and some of you are registering 'in progress'. 

Adding people in who complete the training in blackboard is manual and a slow process. I will start it at 9am on Monday morning. if you are planning to add Society leadership Award to your ALIVE cert and it is not showing up your backboard training and you have already scored 100% do not worry as I have not added those lists into the society dashboard yet. If you know you have not completed a training module do so by 9am on Monday 26th march morning and you will be registered.


You will also receive a digital badge when you have completed all the steps above including the training requirement, completed your end of year personal reflection and the society has completed its end of year report.

What is a Digital Badge

Digital badges are an online method of recognising, accrediting and displaying achievements, skills or participation. The Society badges received by our members acts as a verifiable record of their participation as a society committee member.
The badge can be claimed via a link that gives access to the Open Badges Passport, a mini e-portfolio system where one can store and display badges online. In practice, one can collect badges from multiple organisations, store the badges online and display them as one choose, eg. on website, social network or blog.

How to Earn Your Badge

Each individual elected committee member must:

Complete the end of year reflection and committee member survey 

Leadership badge requirements: 

  • Hold one of the core committee positions: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Have or be entitled to 2 team badge one must be for a named committee position with specific duties (not OCM) and you must have attended training. (does not have to be the same society)
  • Hold 3 team badge as OCM for at least 2 consecutive years, you must have attended training in one of the years (does not have to be the same society)

Team badge requirements: 

  • Hold any non core position on a society committee

Each badge contains the year it was issued, more details of the societies level of activity can be found in the specific year book at this link

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