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Dear Societies

please read on for important information for the start of the year, September Training & Orientation.

Societies Returning to campus & Society Activity

The information that we have at present is that Áras na Mac Léinn will remain as a building for Student use. However, because the reduced capacity of all lecture halls and the resulting increased demand for teaching spaces and cleaning, Áras Na Mac Léinn is currently the only building that will be available. The exact date that we return and when we can take bookings has yet to be determined, the Buildings and Estates Office are currently assessing the building to put in place specific capacity management plans for the building.

Regarding the Bailey Allen, it currently has a lino floor, sinks around the walls and the big walls can't close. It is due to return to the college by the end of February (depending on the current COVID-19 restrictions) and be back to normal by mid to end of March.

Every society planning to hold in person events will need to complete the training which we are developing at the moment. For any Society event, an event management plan needs to be in place and a trained COVID-19 safety officer will need to be in attendance. As information is released and updated, it will be extremely important for Committees to engage with this information and keep fully up to speed on what is expected of them.

Any society which can not demonstrate that they can follow protocol in arranging their events, and enforce protocol in the running of their events, cannot be allowed to organise in person events during the pandemic. The safety of yourselves, your members and the wider community is at stake. All societies can hold virtual events.

Please fill out the form below to give us an indication of what type of events you are planning both in person and virtual so we can ascertain what we will need and what activities we will be able to facilitate in person. I realise this is all very difficult but if we all work together hopefully we will get the best outcome for everyone. 

Please see the Academic Timetable here to help you plan larger events, however you must bear in mind that we do not have a timeline for how government guidelines and restrictions will change over the course of the year.

Society Website/YourSpace and taking attendance.

Yourspace has undergone a major update and we are currently upgrading the calendar: When you put an event on the calendar it will create a form for your members to book a place, you will set the maximum number allowed depending on the capacity. 

Remember to upload posters for your live and virtual events and utilise the News Section of the website as it also adds the news article to your profile. 

When people arrive at your events you will have to sign them in via your dashboard, this will aid contact tracing and ensure you are following best practice. It is vital that the societies demonstrate responsibility and adherence to health and safety, this is the only way we will ever be able to increase the amount of accessible space.

For Virtual Events the calendar will be able to generate a link in either Zoom, Teams or Meets which your members will be able to access when logged into yourspace. This removes the need for sending out links and setting up hosts. Are there any other platforms you use that you would like us to include? Add to the form below. 

Societies events/Orientation/Finance.

Link to Form here

Ideally one form filled in per society so please have a chat as a committee so you can get all your info in as agreed by you all.

On Campus Orientation - 23rd to 25th September

Each day of Orientation will have 18 groups of 50 incoming students, totalling 900 on campus.

Each group will have the following activities, but not in the same order.

Academic Supports Session - 90 minutes

Academic Talks Session- 90 minutes

Clubs Session - 30 minutes

Student Services - 60 minutes

Meet Societies Lunch / Hangout Session - 90 minutes

3 x 30 minute sessions of tours, activities, etc

We are looking for Societies and individuals from societies to run outdoor activities ie a icebreaking game for 15 people for 5 minutes (repeated with each group) and also help facilitate the activities in the lunch spaces. If you have an idea please get in touch. See draft graphic: 

Virtual orientation

There will also be a Virtual Orientation programme for incoming First years from Monday 21st onwards and we would be very happy to timetable your Virtual events as part of this,

get you thinking caps on and get in touch!

After the success of our Virtual Festival we are full of ideas and happy to have a chat with you about how best to organise your activity. We can also use a lot of the events from the festival if your society would like to host one. You can see details of the festival here

Societies Day / Virtual Fair

Societies day is taking on the form of a virtual Fair this year and is taking place over 3 days;

  • Tuesday 29th September 2pm -5pm

  • Wednesday 30th September 11am -2pm

  • Thursday 1st October 5pm -8pm

Please make sure you have booked your slot as you will be set up with a virtual booth (probably a teams video chat). Mike has created a 3D version of the Bailey Allen Hall which will lead the virtual attendees to a page with all the society booths divided out by interest. Info here on how to sign up. NB make sure your society profile is up to date, consider adding a short welcome video which you just insert into your ‘Long Description’ box in your profile. Students will be able to join your society from the profile by clicking a button so you will not need to be taking their ID’s


Well done to all of you who have successfully held AGM Virtually, if you still need to elect a committee you can hold an AGM after Societies Day as long as you have a few people in your dashboard to help with Socs Day’s. There are instructions in your dashboard in the help file ‘Virtual Events’

USCG & Funding

We are calling a USCG meeting for the week of September 15th, at this we will look at all your constitutional changes and new societies looking for space at Socs Day. We will also look at the end of year report and finance queries. In the form above you were asked about your finance requirements that are not currently covered under the schedule of allowances and what funding you might need to support virtual activities. This will help us make adjustments to the schedule of allowances. We will be looking for budgets by late October. The date will be confirmed.

Would you like to be a USCG Rep?

We are looking for USCG Reps one per constituency and also for a SU Socs Chairperson. Nominations will open for on September 21st for USCG reps details here  Nominations will close on September 30th. If you are interested in running for the position of Societies Chairperson email me on as the SU will be opening nominations.

Society Training 

Society training modules are all being updated and will be accessible in YourSpace and linked to your Leadership Award.

We are starting Virtual Zoom Training for September which you can register for at this link

September Training Schedule

Training will recommence from the Week of Monday 5th October and will be virtual and all the modules will also be on-line in your society dashboard. We will not be using BlackBoard this year so when you have completed your module it will register in real time and all committees added to your dashboard will have access to training.

Week of 7th

Your Society Profile, Social Media & creating a Video 

Wednesday 9th September 12.30pm -1.15pm

How to use the society dashboard & the new look YourSpace: 

Thursday 10th September 12.30pm -1.15pm

Week of 14th

Society Money: Schedule of Allowance what can I get funding for & how to get my money:
Monday 14th September 12.30pm -1.15pm

Covid-19 Protocol and permissible in person events:

Tuesday15th September 12.30pm - 1.15pm

Society Rules & Protocols & Preparing for Socs Day: 

Wednesday September 16th 12.30pm - 1.15pm 

Riona BIG Socs Think Tank Q & A, The Role of the USCG, Would you like to be a Rep?

Thursday 17th September 5.30pm - 7.00pm

Week of 21st

How to run a Virtual Events and accessing your online platforms 

Monday 21st September 12.30pm -1.15pm 

Best Wishes

Riona & the SocsBox Team: Aisling, Aislinn, Carol, Kate, Lily, Mary, Mike & Ronan, 

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