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Dramsoc presents 'Jerusalem'

Posted by Dramsoc on Mon, 05-03-2018

Jerusalem, by Jez Butterworth, is a raucous, provocative play that tells a story of a modern, mythic English hero: Johnny “Rooster” Byron. Directed by Megan Jane Devlin Larsen, The play opens on the morning of the local county fair, and we discover that Johnny Byron is both the most and least popular man in town. The local authorities want to evict him, his son wants to spend the day with him, the town thug wants to teach him a lesson, and his ragtag group of friends want to party with him. Though he may be harried, harassed, bloodied, and bruised, Johnny is not a man to be beaten down. Johnny’s stand against the hypocrisy of modern suburban life is shocking, moving, and a wonder to watch unfold. Though Johnny may be a modern man, he has the spirit of England’s legendary giants of myth. The show runs from the 7th of November to the 10th of November in the Bank Of Ireland Theatre, NUIG. Tickets €8/(5 for students) available from the Socsbox. PLEASE NOTE: Seats may be resold at 8:05pm if the relevant ticketholders do not arrive sufficiently in time without notice

Event Date: 2017-11-07

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