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The Last Mile to Dangan (Doctors vs. Students)

Posted by Medicine Soc on Mon, 24-02-2020

Hello and welome, to not one, but two HOT events, brought to you by NUIG Medsoc. Firstly, we will be joining the 100 Miles with Medsoc crew, to join forces and walk the last mile together as a team! We'll be meeting at 1pm on Saturday 29th February at the Quadrangle in NUIG. The walk will be suitable for all levels, so bring you fam, friends and dogs! From there, we'll walk one mile to Dangan, where we'll be holding the Annual Doctors vs. Students Football Match! (for the non-Irish, we're not talking about America football or that thing called "soccer", we're talking proper football - Gaelic football.) Get some exercise, support the med students doing some fab work, jeer at the doctors who ask you really hard questions in front of patients - sounds like the perfect day. If you're a student or a doctor and want to be on a team, send us a DM and we'll sort you out. If you're not that athletically inclined, or want to get involved another way, why not donate to our GoFundMe?

Event Date: 2020-02-29

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