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DRUMS Mini Musical Auditions

Posted by Musical Society (GUMS) on Mon, 15-03-2021

Exciting announcement!! Our Mini-Musical in collaboration with NUIG Dramsoc is "The Last 5 Years" directed by Lucy Birmingham! We'll be having virtual auditions where you will send your audition videos to! The plan: We plan to stream this performance in December. This is dependent on our situation at the time. We will be following all necessary guidelines with rehearsals and performance. Auditions: To audition you need to send two audition videos to To send these videos, we suggest uploading them to your own YouTube account as unlisted videos, or uploading them to your Google Drive and emailing us the link. You will need to send a singing audition video and a dance audition video. Singing - For your singing audition, you need to send a video of you singing the verse and chorus of a song (or roughly 60 seconds of a song if it doesn't have a standard verse/chorus structure). Try to pick a song that sounds similar to songs from the musical if possible! Movement - You also need to send a video of you completing a movement piece. You can find out how to do this piece by watching the video at the link below The deadline for auditions is 11:59pm on the 6th of November. Break a leg!

Event Date: 2020-11-06

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