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Malaysian Society
Committee Members
Vice-Auditor:Nur Syazana Idris
Social & Cultural Rep:Ahmad Adli Yusuf Ahmad Zuhdi
Social & Cultural Rep:Luqman Hakim Ahmad Fuad
Welfare officer:Aina Shahirah Ahmad Fuad
Sports Officer:Muhammad Sirhan Mohd Sani
Careers Events Organiser:Alissa Hanis Abd Rahman
Secretary:Nurul Rizlianees Rusdi
Multimedia Officer:Nader Mohamad Rashidi
Welfare officer:Muhammad Khairil Asyraf Khairil Annuar
Treasurer:Nursyuhada Mohd Noor
Multimedia Officer:Nur Afiqah Mohd Jamil
Treasurer:Muhammad Izzul Ikhwan Mohd Sabri
Sports Officer:Meor Amirul Izzuddin Ruslan
Careers Events Organiser:Mohd Faizal Ahmad Fuad
Auditor:Muhammad Nabil Aiman Hamdan
Public Relations Officer:Nur Hazeeqah Nasser
Academic Officer:Tuan Faris Adhwan Tuan Idzawi
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Latest News

Galway Excursion 2017

Galway Excursion is an annual event under the Islamic Bureau of Malaysian Society for 1st year Muslim freshers'. This year, we had it at Coole's Park, Galway on the 9th of September. The main purpose ...


Malaysian Society

Objectives for MSOC 2016/2017

1. To care for Malaysians as a whole and individual, living in Galway as a community

2. To uphold islamic values among Malaysian Muslims and high standard Malaysian culture and attitude as an offer of exchange between Malaysians and Irish

3. To synchronize all the activities between the 2 main societies in Galway (PPIMG, MSOC).

4. To encourage the involvement of the non-Malays (Indian, Chinese)

5. To promote Malaysia to the local people in Galway/ non-Malaysian.

6. To enhance the Malaysian students to think more critically and think more about current issues other than focusing on studies.

7. Bridging the gap between senior and junior


We will hold a meeting once a month to make sure everything such proper planning is executed so that the society and our events runs smoothly!

Our next AGM will be handled in February 2017!

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