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Botany Soc
Having some fun and learning about anything plant-related!!
Committee Members
Ordinary Committee Member:Deirdre Lynch
Vice-Auditor:Eilis Delaney
Auditor:Aine-May Gregg
Treasurer:Georgina Tuohy
Secretary:James Ryan
Public Relations Officer:Aoife Hughes
Public Relations Officer:Peter Werner
Safety Officer:Rachel Warren
1st Year Rep:Conor O'Farrell
Ordinary Committee Member:Lisa Buckley
December 13th
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Botany Soc

Having some fun and learning about anything plant-related!!

Botany Soc organises many events through out the year including: guest speakers from many different fields of the botanical world, workshops that take us out into the field, movie nights, excursions that take us to places of particular botanical interest.

Being a member with Botany Soc will hopefully give you an insight into the amazing world of plants, highlight the important issues concerning conservation of species and habitats and to give a taste of some of the research that is being carried out in the world of Botany. Workshops hosted by the botany society can help you gain valuable skills for potential future careers in the field as well as good wholesome fun! Also having an awesome time with some of the loveliest people is great too!

New members are always welcome :)

for more detail on the society and our aims you can look into our constitution at


Members and Committee meetings will be taking place every Monday evening at 4-5 pm in Aras de Brun (behind the library), on the top floor in the Meeting Room. Everyone is welcome for snacks and chats :)

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