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The society for all things tech-related; gaming, programming, robotics, hacking and more!
Committee Members
System Administrator:Alan Flaherty
System Administrator:Michael Naughton
System Administrator:Marienella Gallo
Synapse Director:Oluchi Anyabuike
Vice Auditor:Cian Dillane
Public Relations Officer:David Noone
OCM:Yeo -Zhi Hao
OCM:Ray Farrell
Treasurer:Abigail O'Keeffe
OCM:Ciaran McCarthy
OCM:Hemendra Worlikar
Systems Administrator & Chairperson:Conor McGovern
Senior Systems Administrator:Tim Murphy
April 21st
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The society for all things tech-related; gaming, programming, robotics, hacking and more!

  • Do you run linux as your main or secondary PC operating system?
  • Do you like playing video games or with electronics?
  • Can you count in binary?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then CompSoc is for you!

CompSoc is NUI Galway’s Computer and Networking Society. We host events for everything computing related from how to setup your own blog to System Administration and Programming Tutorials. We also host a number of services on our Society run servers for our members. CompSoc is the oldest computer-related society in Ireland, while many Alumni believe it was much earlier, was formally established in 1977 during the days that the University was known as UCG.

Examples of events include:

  • Linux server tutorials
  • Arduino hacking, robotics and programming tutorials
  • LAN gaming sessions
  • Technology conferences and nationwide-nerd meetups


  • An ssh server account with 5GB of server space
  • An,, and an email address
  • Access to our wiki
  • A way to meet and hang out with like minded geeks
  • To get all of this amazing stuff, simply join CompSoc on this through

If you wish to sign up for a CompSoc server account, fill out this form and we'll set you up within 24 hours.

We also sell CompSoc T-shirts, CompSoc hoodies and CompSoc USB stick-bottle openers to anyone who is interested.


Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming meetings!

We're always open to hosting events and if you have any ideas or want to get involved, please get in touch!

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