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Chinese Society
Committee Members
Auditor:Jing Liu
Treasurer:Zewang Liao
Secretary:Yu Fang
April 28th
Today . Friday

Chinese Society

NUI Galway Chinese Society is run by the international students from China and cooperates with Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA).

The aim of this society is to promote interaction between Chinese students and students of other nationalities in NUI Galway. We achieve this by hosting a huge assortment of events and outings that support integration between the two. This way not only do the Chinese students benefit from gaining a true taste of Irish culture, students of other nationalities can also experience the Chinese culture in an enjoyable fashion. Furthermore, we are also conducting more activities to enhance the friendship among our members.

You are more than welcome to join us if you are interested in the amazing Chinese Culture and would like to experience the Traditional Chinese way of celebrations.