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FLAC Society
Free Legal Advice Society
Committee Members
Auditor:Shane Kelly
Vice-Auditor:Emily Keilty
Treasurer:John Grogan
Secretary:Emmajane Tonery
Student Liaison Officer:Damian Crawford
Clinics Convenor:Karolina Kempa
Education Officer:John Cunningham
July 25th
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FLAC Society

Free Legal Advice Society

Hey Everybody,

The purpose of FLAC is to give free legal advice to any student who may have issues with tenancy law, criminal law, employment law etc. A solicitor or barrister will be present at these legal advice clinics so you will have professional legal advice present! Don't hesitate to call down if you have any issues.

We are the Free Legal Advice Society!

What we do is provide a service for students and non-students alike in providing legal information. So if you have a legal problem of question we would be happy to help you.

We run legal advice clinics once every two week on Tuesday's or Wednesday's from 6.30pm to 8pm in the Arts Millenium (you will see us just as you walk in the door). Keep a look out on our facebook page for more details:

We also run Training Lectures, where we provide legal information in certain areas of law delivered by lecturers from the School of Law or practicing solicitors/barristers. We are also hoping to host a Law Talk event. We will advertise these around campus and on our Facebook page!

We are law students who have received extra legal training in the most common areas and we are always supervised by a solicitor/barrister when providing legal information. We are confidential service. We also are a free service to and we can help with your legal problems.

If you have any queries or would like to volunteer, please contact us at