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Ecology Soc
The Eco soc is trying to come back to life. Help out and join!
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July 25th
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Ecology Soc

The Eco soc is trying to come back to life. Help out and join!

The Ecology Society

The EcoSoc cares about environmental issues and the interplay those have with social, economic, and cultural issues.

Come and join us to effect small changes in ourselves and in our emediate surroundings. We have a lot of fun doing that.

Our Aims

  • To enable, empower and encourage people for conscientious action towards our vision of a more just society.
  • To bring about practical change in the social structures and attitudes within our college and beyond.
  • To begin to build a society whose methods of exchange (economics) are connected to the intrinsic value of all life and nature.

Our Objectives

  • Be the change we want; use participatory democracy, empowerment, skill sharing workshops, community activism, lifelong learning, creative non-violent protesting and direct action as our tools to build towards positive social movements.
  • Encourage an understanding of the connecion between environmental and social issues.
  • Support students who express interest in or have suggestions for projects on social and environmental issues (notably, bio-diversity, economics, transport, energy, waste, water).
  • Work to have more environmental considerations in the decision making process of the college (e.g. The Green Campus Committee, the Students Union, The SU Commercial Services, etc etc).
  • To build a strong sense of community with our friends and colleagues.
  • Maintain an autonomous space in which activities intrinsic of the values we espouse can be practised
  • Encourage veganism because of the environmental considerations (land, water & energy use etc).
  • Cooperate and affiliate with individuals, groups and organisations whom demonstrate and promote viable alternatives to the profit-making, hierarchical power structures and social relations of capitalism; who use grassroots direct democracy, co- operation, consensus, non-profit, or similar methods towards their aims.


  • An Mheitheal Rothar;
  • The Galway Cycling Campaign;
  • The Galway City Community Forum;
  • Critical Mass Galway;
  • Young Friends of the Earth;
  • Shell To Sea;
  • Rosspport Solidarity Camp;