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Tune in, chill out, unite
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April 23rd
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Yoga Society

Tune in, chill out, unite

Lotus Soc aims to bring Eastern culture and philosophy to NUIG. We have offered a range of events, workshops and retreats from chanting and meditation to tai chi and movie nights. But our main activity is yoga; hatha, ashtanga & vinyasa flow. You can sign up with Lotus Soc to take any of our weekly classes in blocks of  5 or 6 week terms at the super discounted price of €22 for 5 week block  €25 for the 6 week block ! Contact us for more information, sign up at the socs box for classes or like our facebook page to keep up with events, news, other local and national yoga stuff and available classes.

Improve your practice with classes, workshops, and self-practice space.  

FAQ's :

-How can I find out about sign ups for classes?
We announce sign-ups through our mailing list (if you join the Lotus Soc you will get these emails automaticaly) and our facebook page. The most popular classes usually sell out within a day or two from the start of sign ups so make sure to get there early to avoid disappointment. 

-Where can I sign up for classes?
Sign ups are organised through the Socs box in Aras na Mac Leinn. Just bring your student ID and the money to cover the costs for the class and you are ready to sign up.

-Can I go to more than one class per week?
Yes, you can go to as many classes as you can fit in your schedule but you need to sign up for each class individually and pay the class fee for each class at the socs box. So if you want to go to two classes per week you need to sign up for both classes and pay €50 (2 X € 25) at the socs box.

-The class that I wanted to sign up for is full, can I still join the class?
Unfortunately we are limited with room size and mats available so once a class is full we cannot accept anymore students. Try to sign up for another class which is still available. Sign ups are every six weeks so make sure to get to the soxs box early the next time so you can sign up for your favourite class.

-Are the classes free?
Unfortunately we can only occasionally provide free classes on socs day, or for special occasions. We need to cover the costs we have for the teacher so we need to charge a small fee for the classes.  This allows you to go to one class per week for 5 to 6 weeks.

-How much are the yoga classes?
We usually run our classes in 6 week terms. The cost for one term is € 22/25 students/staff. This allows you to go to the one class per week

-I only managed to go to 4 classes in the last term, can I carry over the remaining two classes to the next term or can I get a refund? 
No, we need to cover the costs of the teachers so we cannot refund for missed classes or allow to carry over to the next term.

-Are there drop in classes where I can just show up and join the class?
No, we don’t do drop in classes, all classes run in terms of five or six weeks. To participate in the classes you need to sign up at the socs box prior to the class (for insurance reasons).    

-What do I need to bring? Do I need to bring my own mat?
No, we provide mats. Please be on time. Wear comfortable, light clothing and bring a warm layer for Yoga relaxation.
Drink plenty of water before and after your class. Enjoy
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-Can I pay for a friend (that is not a NUIG student /staff) to attend some of the classes?
Unfortunately, we can only accept NUIG students and staff members in the classes.

-If I have an injury will I be able to do yoga?
If you have any injuries please check with your doctor if you should do yoga. Always inform the teacher before class if you have an injury or don’t feel well.

-I will miss the class that I signed up for this week, can I switch over to another class just for this week?
We are limited with the room size and the amount of mats we have for each class so you should always go to the class you are signed up for. If you really can’t make it to your class you can try to go to another class that week and see if there is a free space. If you do so always inform the teacher and give preference to student siged up to this class.

-Which class can you recommend for me? Whats the difference between the different class types?

There are many different styles of yoga these days and even within the same style it would strongly depend on the teacher how the class is run. The following descriptions are supposed to give you a guideline on which class to choose. However it is best, especially when you are a beginner to try a few different styles and teachers to find out which ones suits you best. 

-Hatha yoga:
The term Hatha yoga actually includes all postural yoga types so Vinyasa yoga and Ashtanag yoga would also be types of Hatha yoga. However classes described as Hatha yoga usually refer to a more gentle type of yoga with focus on alignment and slower movements and longer stays in the postures. It is physically less demanding than Vinyasa flow or Ashtanga yoga and a good start to try yoga.

-Ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga yoga is a set sequence of different postures where every movement is linked tot he breath. If you google Ashtanga primary series you can have a look at the different postures that are done in the classes. Ashtanag yoga is physically more demanding than the Hatha yoga classes.

-Vinyasa flow yoga
Vinyasa flow yoga has derived from Ashtanga yoga. Ist a quite dynamic form of yoga where every movement is linked to the breath. In Vinyasa flow yoga there is no set sequence so classes are always a bit. The intensity of the classes sis similar to the Ashtanga yoga classes.



Katrina Hardiman
An Seomra Yoga

A Galway native, Katrina initially began to practice Yoga after moving to Seattle, Washington in 1994 as therapy for back pain. Her love of yoga began in this very first Integral Yoga class.
Over 12 years in Santa Monica, California, she had the opportunity to practice and study Yin, Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Pre-natal Yoga throughout Los Angeles but mainly in Yoga Works, Santa Monica and Sacred Movement in Venice.
Her teaching style bares the imprint of this wide range of yoga studied over the years. Her classes have a strong emphasis on the breath and allowing the breath to guide the practice safely to a more supple and strong body and calm mind. Given the severe back pain and a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis in her early twenties Katrina has always approached yoga from a therapeutic standpoint.


Eilis O’Regan
An Seomra Yoga

Eilis started yoga over 10 years ago with a beginner’s course in Ashtanga Yoga. Although the course was tough she was smitten by the flow of movement. Initially concerned more with getting into a pose - reaping the benefits from each pose took time. Currently her daily practice is a mix of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow.
Over the years Eilis has explored her love of yoga and has completed a number of training courses. The most influential were: David Swenson - Primary Series Teacher Training London; Paul Dallagan – yoga retreat Koh Samui, Thailand; Sharath Rangaswamy- mysore practice Goa, India; Ajay Kumar – mysore practice Mysore, India; BNS Iyengar – pranayama Mysore, India, and Prem Carlisi & Heather Duplex - mysore practice Ubud, Bali. She completed her teacher training in 2008 at the Green Lotus Yoga School.
As a teacher Eilis aims to enable students to: work energetically with their breath; become aware of their physical limitations and possibilities; enjoy practicing yoga and the many benefits from it.

Lisa Berry

Ashtanga was the building blocks and my route into yoga but it’s a Vinyasa flow that drives my practice and my teachings. I love the freedom that Vinyasa provides, allowing for intuitive sequences and creative transitions, in turn providing greater scope for all ages and abilities. Physiotherapy alignment principles developed by Simon Borg Oliver and Bianca Machliss form the basis of how I teach students to safely and intelligently create strength and grace in their physical practice and enable greater clarity, concentration and focus in their minds. I committed fully to my yoga practice in 2006 and graduated from The Yoga Shala Teacher Training Programme in 2012.

Yoga provides me with tools for my personal and communal growth and the more I become immersed in my practice, not only am I aware of my physical body becoming stronger and more flexible but it’s the noticeable changes in my mental and emotional wellbeing that really affect the very core of my daily life.

Paul Hardiman
An Seomra Yoga

Paul did his first yoga class in Seattle in 1994. He had previously studied and practiced martial arts and represented Ireland internationally in all style Karate but then shifted his focus to yoga after being introduced to it by Katrina. Paul's teaching style is influenced by the Yogaworks system along with the intuitive teachings of Erich Schiffman and Chad Hamrin and the dynamic movement of Jamie Elmer and Robyn Ann Schumacher.
He has expanded his interests to Thai Yoga Massage (commonly called lazy man's yoga), introduced to him by Saul David Raye and has continued his studies with Krishnataki. He is a certified Thai Yoga Massage therapist.
His classes tend to be strong and energetic with a Qi Gong influence, and always with a light-hearted approach.


Marese Cregg

Laurence Mc Ellin 
Galway Bay Yoga 

"Linking People through Yoga" is Laurence's guiding Yoga philosophy. All are welcome. 
He has had an on-off love affair with Yoga for 26 years now (September 2017). 
Starting with an intriguing Belgian man, André Van Lysebeth (1919-2004), he has had the good fortune to connect with many teachers, and is currently studying with the lovely Éilis O’Regan. 
In his classes, he gently emphasises a natural-holistic approach to Yoga in general, and to Aṣṭāṅga Yoga in particular. This includes studying the history, philosophy, anatomy, mythology, and, in particular, the scandals of Yoga through written texts and art, and attending various lectures and workshops.


Tara Duffy 


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