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Geography Soc
Missed us ? Well wipe your tears, because we are back in business
Committee Members
Treasurer:Aishling Ni Dhomhnaill
Auditor:Lea Magot
Vice-Auditor:William Murphy
Secretary:Manon Chevalier
Undergraduate Representative:Sabrina Vaughan
Volunteer Coordinator:Augustus Pendleton
Postgraduate Representative:Carlie Schecht
Event Manager:Kathryn Terwilliger
PHD Rep:Adrienne Foreman
Vice Treasurer:Molly Penzes
Vice Secretary:Emily Rick
April 8th
Today . Wednesday

Geography Soc

Missed us ? Well wipe your tears, because we are back in business

We are back on track,
After being left on the side of the road like an old shoe for some time now, the new team is on the ball to give to you an undusted geography society experience.

We are a group of enthusiast ( yes you best believe it ) who wants to chat, discuss, argue and most importantly share about ANY AND ALL geography related subject. Want to talk about the weather, come on in. the most beautiful views in Ireland ? We are listening. Why the world is like it is and not another way ? Bring it on.

We wish to connect all members of the geography department, and other interested/interesting people, to share their experience, ideas and above all have fun. We want to spread the word : geography rocks your world ( pun intended ). Whether you are a student, of any level, looking for some advices and support or a community to share with, whether you simply are curious, or want to challenge your perception of the subject of geography, everyone is welcome !


Meetings and events details will be shared through email with all our members, and on the calendar so keep your eyes peeled for more information soon.

Contact Us

Facebook -> @NUIGeographySoc

Twitter -> '@NUIGeographySoc'