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Video Game Society
VGSoc: Your first and last stop for everything video-game related in NUIG!
Committee Members
Auditor:Dara Joyce Seoighe
Treasurer:Daniel Stapleton
Esports Manager:Caolan Kelly-Delaney
Ordinary Committee Member:Darragh Murray
Ordinary Committee Member:Adam Burke
Secretary:Jack Neeson
Vice-Auditor:Steven Carthy
Ordinary Committee Member:Cameron Nieuwstadt
Safety Officer:Jacob Donlon
Public Relations Officer:Eoin Clarke
Ordinary Committee Member:Alexander Wall
January 24th
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Latest News

Virtual Reality PlayStation VR

Today Tuesday 3rd Video Game Society host Live the Game try out PlayStation VR in the Cube Aras na Mac Leinn from 11am - 4pm. Its free. ...


Video Game Society

VGSoc: Your first and last stop for everything video-game related in NUIG!

Founded in January of 2014, and raised to full recognition in January of 2015, NUIG Video Game Society has a short yet vibrant history. With our mission to foster an ever larger, friendlier and more connected community within Galway we have set out to bring Video Games to everyone.

From intersoc collaborations, to smaller society meet ups we have had all kinds of events and plan to have many more. Keep an eye on us, for we plan to become bigger and better with each passing year.

With a strong committee and stronger members, our hope is that this society will persist in NUIG for generations of avid gamers to enjoy, meet new people and have a place in our University's history.

See our society constitution here.


We meet once every week on a Wednesday night, so keep an eye on your emails and our facebook for the juicy details!

We also have several special events planned which won't neccessarily follow the usual schedule. We'll let you guys know when they are happening!

Contact Us

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