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Cheerleading Society
Bringing the world of University Cheerleading to NUIG
Committee Members
Auditor:Rebecca Smith
Secretary:Ciara O'Neill
Treasurer:Jennie O'Brien
Health and Safety Officer:Yew Hwang Chee
PRO:Mariana Fox
Ordinary Committee Member:Rachel Meaney
Ordinary Committee Member:Romina Gonzalez
Ordinary Committee Member:Ciara Shortiss
Man of the Match:Caoimhin de Burca
Events Manager:Bridget Stover
Public Relations Officer:Michelle Coughlan
Vice-Secretary:Jessica Powell
National Coordinator:Samira Kovacikova
Trip Organizer:Edel Whitney
1st Year Rep:Eimear O'Tuathail
April 18th
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Latest News

NUIG Cheerleaders Win Golds at National Champions

In March 2019 NUIG Cheerleading squad won 2 Gold trophies at Irish National Championships. The society  put forward two teams at Celtic Spirit Nationals in Castelbar,  both of whom won gold ...


Cheerleading Society

Bringing the world of University Cheerleading to NUIG

Whether you can barely roll out of bed and reach your toes in the morning or you can do a round-off back-handspring double, you're more than welcome to join our merry band of cheerleaders as we explore the exciting and challenging world of cheerleading!

Join us for classes on stunting, tumbling, dance, and much more, while making life-long friends along the way and just having a generally awesome time!

We'll train hard, perform at events, compete at competitions, and party harder still when all is said and done :)

Training will be on Mondays from 6pm-7pm in the Stage

So join us now to see what cheerleading at NUIG can offer you!!

Opportunities for higher level cheer;

We have a level 5 team made up of students from both NUIG and GMIT that travels to the UCA University WorldCup Cheerleading Champonships in Orlando every January.

In April 2017 the  NUIG and GMIT combined to become the first ever collegiate-level cheerleading squad to compete at an international level in Orlando Florida in January of 2018. A team of 16 athletes from both colleges traveled to America to take on the World and came home victors, placing 2nd in their division (small coed elite) and 3rd in the Nations Cup.

We returned to defend our titles in January 2019, this time, winning 1st place in the small coed elite division. Ireland came home with Gold! 

If you'd like to follow them on their journey then follow us on Twitter (@Tribes_Ireland) and Instagram (@tribes_Ireland_cheerleading).

Please like and share our Facebook page to everyone you can to help spread word of our endeavour (
If you're able then please donate a few euros to our GoFundMe campaign to help us on our way (

(See our society constitution here.)


Training on Mondays 6-7pm in the Stage in Aras Na Mac Leinn

Contact Us

If you have any questions at all then you can PM us on our Facebook Page ( or email us at

We'll get back to you as soon as we can!