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Cheerleading Society
Bringing the world of University Cheerleading to NUIG
Committee Members
Auditor:Ciara O'Neill
Safety & Equipment Officer:Mariana Fox
Treasurer:Patrick C Hurley
Secretary:Shannen Ni Chaoilte
Kit Officer:Romina Gonzalez
Socials Officer:Rachel Meaney
Fundraising Officer:Eva Moylan
Advanced Captain:Kasey McCormack
Beginners Captain:Emma Carroll
Ordinary Committee Member:Kameryn Counihan
Ordinary Committee Member:Dillon McDonagh
Ordinary Committee Member:Caoimhe Rice
Ordinary Committee Member:Alison O'Connor
Tumbling Coach:Nicole Shaw
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April 23rd
Today . Friday

Cheerleading Society

Bringing the world of University Cheerleading to NUIG

Whether you can barely roll out of bed and reach your toes in the morning or you can do a round-off back-handspring double, you're more than welcome to join our cheerleaders as we explore the exciting and challenging world of cheerleading!

Join us for classes on stunting, tumbling, dance, and much more, while making life-long friends along the way and just having a generally awesome time!

We train hard, perform at events, compete nationally & internationally, and party harder still when all is said and done :)

Join us now to see what cheerleading at NUIG can offer you!!



Conditioning & Flexibility

  • All members will receive a conditioning & flexibility training plan
  • We will host online sessions where we can work through this together


  • Cheer is all about having fun and making friends
  • Our Socials Officer will be organising various online social events until we can have in person ones

In Person

 Training will start when Galway returns to Level 2! 

We will be having beginners & advanced classes so you don't need to have done cheer before

Prior to attending class you must

  • Register in advance (Link to register will be sent out weekly via email)
  • Complete a Covid Self-screen
  • Complete a short return to sport course (Click here)

At class

  • Hands will be sanitised at the door
  • You will maintain 2m distance when not stunting
  • Stunting will be carried out in groups <6 in line with government regulations
  • When stunting masks are required

Contact Us

If you have any questions;

DM us on Facebook or Instagram

E-mail us at

We'll get back to you as soon as we can!