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AMSI Society
NUI Galway branch of the Association of Medical Students Ireland (AMSI)
Committee Members
Intrim Committee:Ryan Biehn
Auditor:Patrick Flanagan
Local Officer for Human Rights and Peace (LORP):Emily Wallace
EMSA Co-ordinator:Mark Chedraoui
Local Officer for Public Health (LOPH):Raghavi Patil
Local Officer for Sexual and Reproductive Health, including HIV/AIDS (LORA):Julia MacAulay
Public Relations Officer:Ricardas Kaminskas
Secretary:Sheffinea Koshy
Treasurer:Elma Mammen
Local Officer for Public Health (LOPH):Erin Ferrier
1st Year OCM:Shayan Din
Local officer for medical education (LOME):Mohammad Miri
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April 23rd
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AMSI Society

NUI Galway branch of the Association of Medical Students Ireland (AMSI)

On the 9th of November 2013, medical students from across the country came together for an inaugural National Medical Student Summit. The summit led to the launch and establishment of the Association of Medical Students in Ireland (AMSI). For the first time since the late 19th century, Irish medical students have an organization that can facilitate dialogue at a national and international level.

The national organization will aim to:

* Increase collaboration between the medical schools

* Represent the views of medical student on a national scale

* Promote medical student wellness

* Create a forum where students can discuss a range of scientific and social topics

We would like to bring to your attention the existence of this organisation and the individual school representatives. This organisation will provide an alternative method for individual medical schools to communicate with all Irish medical students.

Now, local AMSI committees have been formed in each of the seven Medical Schools to get things moving on the ground.

We organise events for medical studetns (although everyone is welcome!) around each of 5 topics: 

1.Public Health

2. Sexual & Reproductive health including HIV/AIDS

3. Medical Education

4. Human Rights & Peace

5.Professional Exchanges

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