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Maths Soc
Committee Members
Auditor:Samuel Geraghty
Vice-Auditor:Mario Quarenta
Treasurer:Cian O'Brien
Secretary:Una Parkinson
Refreshments Coordinator:Griffen Small
Social Media Officer :Marie Brockschmidt
OCM:Ciaran McCarthy
OCM:Fraz Ahmad
OCM:Benedykt Urbas
Ordinary Committee Member:Kieran Donohue
April 8th
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Maths Soc

The Mathematics Society at NUI Galway promotes mathematics education and research in the university. The society brings both undergraduate and postgraduate students together to discuss all areas of maths and their applications. Meeting usually once a week, members get the chance to hear about the latest mathematics breakthroughs from researchers within NUI Galway and elsewhere. The society also holds regular game nights, where members tackle interesting and challenging maths puzzles, or play maths related games. The aim of the society is to introduce members to areas of maths that they are unfamiliar with, and promote an enthusiasm for maths that will benefit them in their studies and beyond.

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Thursday 6pm in Áras de Brún (ADB-1019/1020, first floor) - see events on calendar.