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Islamic Society
National University of Ireland Galway Islamic Society
Committee Members
Auditor:Febrimarsa Febrimarsa
Vice-Auditor:Zunaira Kausar
Ordinary Committee Member:Fauzah Mohamad
Secretary:Hira Mahmood
Treasurer:Sanna Javed
Safety Officer:Ahmed Osman
Ordinary Committee Member:Ahmed Wanas
Ordinary Committee Member:Amelia Yasmin Zulkifli
Public Relation Officer:Maryam Mahmood
Ordinary Committee Member:Ala Gashash
Ordinary Committee Member:Mohanned Gashash
Ordinary Committee Member:Sameh Mohamed
Event Organizer:Bushra Sajjad
Auditor:Sameh Mohamed
Vice-Auditor:Haziqah Binti Hazilan
Treasurer:Febrimarsa Febrimarsa
Secretary:Hafiz Hashim
Vice-Auditor (Brother):Mohanned Gashash
Public Relation Officer:Maryam Mahmood
Public Relation Officer (Brother):Al-Ameen Oredegbe
Safety Officer:Bushra Sajjad
Safety Officer (Brother):Youssouf Moussa
Event Coordinator:Hasan Ashraf
Ordinary Committee Member:Omar Aldhafeeri
Ordinary Committee Member:Abdulmoez Elkhbuli
Ordinary Committee Member:Yousef Ramadan
Ordinary Committee Member:Hira Mahmood
Ordinary Committee Member:Shariq Hassan
Ordinary Committee Member:Nur Sabreena Aminudin Baki
Ordinary Committee Member:Abimbola Akinjisola
April 28th
Today . Friday

Islamic Society

National University of Ireland Galway Islamic Society

As the official Islamic Society at NUI Galway, our goals are to serve the needs of our Muslim members and to represent Islam.

To Muslims: There are three rooms where we can meet, greet and pray daily in the university. Nearby Reading Room under the James Hardiman Library, In the Moyola Building, and in the University Hospital. Details on how to get there is available in our Facebook page.

To non-muslims: If you want to interact and to know muslims, just come and join the activities and events that we have. Usually, we have an activities (i.e. discussion and sport game) at least every fortnight. Keep coming to this page for updates.

To all: if you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on our email