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Sinn Fein Soc
"Our revenge will be the laughter of our children" - Bobby Sands Oglach na hEireann
Committee Members
Auditor:Luke MacAn Bhaird
Treasurer:Fionn O'Connor
Secretary:Gavin McGuire
Public Relations Officer (PRO):Naoise O'Caireallain
Vice-Auditor:Tina Collum
Treasurer:Fionn O'Connor
Vice-Auditor:Gavin McGuire
Auditor:Declan Cuffe
Secretary:Eva Mallon
PRO (Public Relations Officer):Conall O'Corra
May 25th
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Sinn Fein Soc

"Our revenge will be the laughter of our children" - Bobby Sands Oglach na hEireann

‚ÄúThere is a way to get Ireland back to work. The employment crisis can be addressed if the political will is there. People have a right to work, a right to earn a living and a right to provide for their families. In government, Sinn F√©in would make job creation our number one priority‚ÄĚ.

- Mary Lou McDonald TD

Our society is focused on raising the awareness of issues that are of particular importance to our greater party system. This includes sexual equality in all aspects such as sexual lifestyle and gender discrimination. Sexual equality is of particular importance now given the referendum that will be held in May regarding marriage equality.

We feel issues of racial equality, job prospects, protected industry and trade are of the highest importance as the bahaviour of the governments of previous years has been destructive to our nation both economically and socially.

For Sinn Féin, fairness to all people and quality of life for our citizens are demands that we will not capitulate on and are goals that we will work tirelessly towards in every aspect of our daily business.

We will win and we will have our country's independance restored and our nation governed in a peaceful way, protective to citizens vulnerable or otherwise with respect for the land we live on and true ownership of our historic resources.