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Welcome to ZooSoc!
Committee Members
Treasurer:Gary Moscarelli
Ordinary Committee Member:Alex Keane
Ordinary Committee Member:Sarah McHugh
Animal Ambassador Rep:Dayle Leonard
Assistant Treasurer :Aedín Horkan
Auditor:Louise McDowell
Vice-Auditor:Roisin Rose
Events and Safety Officer:Helena Bonar
Ordinary Committee Member:Ellen Grey
Public Relations Officer:Cian MacCoille
Secretary:Craig Ferguson
Events Manager:Rachel Leddy
Ordinary Committee Member:Oluwaseyi Olanrewaju
Ordinary Committee Member:Joshua O'Leary
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April 23rd
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Welcome to ZooSoc!

You have made it to Z - Welcome to the ZOOSOC

The ZOOSOC offers you a platform to discuss and learn everything about the faunal world. We are a fresh committee and excited about all the new members to come. Join us for fun events, study groups and a mixture of both!

Check out our Facebook page for documentary nights, excursions, guest speakers and more!

Check out Animal Ambassadors Instagram page for Irish wildlife updates, pictures of our animals and more! 


Come and join us!

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