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Classics Soc
Committee Members
Praetorian Prefect:Paula Maher Martin
Auditor - Imperator:Sarah Grunenberg
Secretary:Michelle Sheahan
Senator:Eamonn Barden
Senator:Alina Galman
Council of the Elders:Stephen Moriarty
Oracle:Erin McKinney
Imperatore Amissa:Luke Joyce
Quaestor:Timothy Burke
Public Relations Officer:Pankaj Saini
December 18th
Today . Tuesday

Classics Soc

Hi, welcome to the Classics Society.

First of all the committee members would like to thank everyone who came along to the superb guest speakers that we had last year, your attendance had a big impact on them as they were not expecting such big crowds so well done to everyone and thank you all for coming.

If you are interested in anything in antiquity from Sophocles to Catullus or from Thermopylae to Alexander, this is the Society for you. We hope to organise as many events and lectures as possible to encourage you to keep coming back for more.

We also will be looking for some new committee members so come to our stand on societies day in the new term for details about that. Also, we will arrange more activities like class parties and films to show which should be fun.

If anyone is interested in joining our society, click the link "join society" on our page.

See you soon.