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Business Society
Fostering Business and Enterprise among NUI Galway Students.
Committee Members
Vice Auditor:James Colohan
Auditor:Fiachra OGriofa
Events :Ellie O'Donoghue
Health & Safety And COVID Officer:Harry Rogers
Treasurer:Sean Lee
January 26th
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Business Society

Fostering Business and Enterprise among NUI Galway Students.

Biz Soc aims to get more students thinking about business and opening their mind to new ideas. We're really there to help any student that wants to get involved in Business in any form in the future. We want to simply educate those of us that have an interest in any form of commerce and want to hear from people outside the lecture hall, people that have had real life experiences in the workplace. We also feel that it is a very important social society and we are proud to say that if societies are there to bring people of similar minds together, it accomplishes this.

The main events we have hosted in the past are: Speaker engagements, business trips, the NUI Galway International Business Trip and of course event of the year The NUI Galway Commerce Ball.

The more people we can get involved the better for everyone. You can get involved at committee or class rep level, or take part by simply attending and enjoying our events.


Given the ever changing guidelines/circumstances, we are unsure of how often we will be able to meet in the coming college year. 

Please send us an emails at with your name, course, ID number and email address if you're interested in joining.

We will keep you all updated as best we can. 

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