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Pakistani Society
Committee Members
Secretary:Haseeb Ashraf
OCM:Shayan Din
Health & Safety Officer:Usama Asad Ullah
Co-PRO:Hira Imran
Treasurer:Muzna Usman
OCM:Kinza Tahir Mahmood
Co-PRO:Rida Naseer
Head OCM:Ushna Ahmad
Vice Auditor:Faraz Siddiqui
Vice Secretary:Shahzaib Masood
Events Manager:Aadil Rizwan
Assistant Secretary:Ahmed Tayyab
Auditor:Taha Rafiq
1st Year OCM:Muhammad Ibrahim Ijaz
March 27th
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Pakistani Society

Welcome to NUIG Pakistani Society!

Our mission at Pakistani Society is to celebrate the diverse culture and traditions of Pakistan on an International level at NUI Galway. We hope to promote the colourful aspects of Pakistan and become a platform for the wonderful student community. We are pleased to welcome students from all different backgrounds to experience the Pakistani Culture.

Since Pakistani Society's inception at NUI Galway, our committee and volunteers have been committed to organising different events throughout the years to celebrate Pakistani culture, traditions, music, dance, cuisine in an international fashion. The continuous participation in our events, is what has enabled us to bring exciting events promoting everything Pakistan.

Whatever the background, at Pakistani Society everyone is welcome to experience our unique and diverse culture. Do contact us if you have any questions at all, we love hearing from you guys!


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Facebook: NUIGPakistaniSociety

Instagram: nuig_pakistani_society