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Stoic Society
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Auditor:Sunn De Francesco
Secretary:Terence Bennett
December 7th
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Stoic Society

Aims of the Society

  • To provide a kind of Stoa for Students to discuss Stoicism and socialise.

  • To promote the four cardinal Stoic Virtues: Wisdom (Sophia), Courage (Andreia), Temperance (Sophrosyne) and Justice (Dikaiosyne).

  • To guide Students in their exploration of Stoic philosophy, especially through the study of historical Stoic texts such as Epictetus' Enchiridion, Seneca's Epistles, and Marcus Aurelius' Meditations.

  • To provide activities for students that wish to practice Stoicism.

  • To organise activities that benefit the Community as per Stoic teachings.

  • To promote mental wellbeing through Stoic teachings and practices (such as journaling, mindfulness, and dialogue).

  • To promote physical wellbeing and fitness as a way to support mental health and wellbeing.


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