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Voluntary Services Abroad Soc
Raising as much money as possible to provide much needed healthcare to the Global South
Committee Members
Co-Auditor:Grace Bukarica
Co-Auditor:Tiernan Surlis
Secretary:Darragh Harrington
Public Relations Officer:Maria O'Keeffe
Elective Officer 1:Eiran Gannon
Elective Officer 2:Dylan O'Halloran
Clinical OCM:Laoise Kenny
3rd Year OCM:Keeva O'Brien
Treasurer:Eoin Cahill
June 9th
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Voluntary Services Abroad Soc

Raising as much money as possible to provide much needed healthcare to the Global South

Voluntary Services Abroad is a medical aid charity run by the 4th year medical students of NUI, Galway. Founded in 1977 by Dr. Dom Colbert, it sends groups of student volunteers to the developing world each summer.

Since its foundation, more than 400 NUIG medical students have been sent overseas as healthcare volunteers, bringing with them funds to develop and support healthcare delivery in the areas they are working. These places have included areas of Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Peru, Ecuador, Belize, Vietnam and India.

Throughout the year, events and as many fundraising activities as the calendar will allow, take place. Some events are now iconic indications of what time of the year it is. For example, the cryptically named Halloween Ball or the equally subtle VSA Christmas Concert; more accurate than an iPhone for telling you the time.

Every summer, after looking their exams in the eye, groups of students set off to their chosen destinations where they will spend 4-6 weeks. This time is spent volunteering their own skills, improving the facilities of our partner clinics/hospitals and gaining valuable, often inspiring experience working in challenging environments.

Each volunteer pays for their own travel and accommodation expenses, in addition to reaching their own personal fundraising target. This means every euro, cent, and whatever else we find in our buckets, goes directly to the clinics, hospitals and communities in question. 100%.

Bringing medical aid to the developing world (and bringing fun and games to NUIG) since 1977.

V.S.A. works with our partner institutions in developing world to bring student volunteers & funding directly to where it is needed. Medical, health science, engineering students work together to provide practical support on the ground, where it is most needed.


We meet up whenever we can so get in contact with one of us in the committee via facebook/email/text/whatever-suits-your-fancy and we'll bring you along to our meetings. Our meetings are normally held in the Clinical Science Institute. We're a pretty friendly bunch and we'd love to have you join us.

Individual events as per the Socs Calendar /emails /word on the street. Join the mailing list, facebook page to keep up to date! We do send out texts about upcoming events so it's vital that you do become a member and update your mobile number (:

Contact Us

Voluntary Services Abroad, Clinical Science Institute, Costello Road, Galway.