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Biochemistry Soc
The Biochemistry Society NUIG
Committee Members
Auditor:Eoin Gillespie
Treasurer:Maria Okeeffe
Secretary:Kate Ryan
4th year Rep:Louise Delaney
Postgrad Rep:Shane Crinion
Ordinary Committee Member:Sabrinna Crowley
November 29th
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Biochemistry Soc

The Biochemistry Society NUIG

To promote Biochemistry in business to educate Biochemistry students on the diversity of opportunities in Biochemistry, to enhance the academic learning experience of biochemistry students attending university by networking with likeminded people and by attending fun society meet-ups to inspire the biochemists of my generation.

Constitution: To help foster a spirit of innovation and collaboration between all members young and old of the Biochemistry Discipline in the University.

By organising educational and social events for undergrads, postgrads, postdocs and all staff in the Biochemistry Department in NUIG.

Run Science Communication Events, Industry and Innovation talks, Short Movie showings, Interdisciplinary and academic year Biochemistry soccer Tournament and Biochemistry Soc Night Out on the town.


7pm thursdays Dunican theatre

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