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Speech and Language

We are a small society made up primarily of students studying Speech and Language Therapy in NUIG. Our aim is to provide a forum for SLT students from all years to get to know each other. We also use this society to get advice from older years about assignments, placement etc.

We strive to help with, participate in and support any SLT related causes, whether charity related or raising awareness. We also encourage all our members to become members of the IASLT, who provide information to students on different topics and who also hold conferences of interest that we can attend.

We try to be as active as possible, but with all years out on placement at different times, this can be difficult. We will be organising some great events over the coming months, including the exciting Grad Night. This is an evening where graduates return to discuss what career path they have chosen and where their qualification has taken them. This, we felt, will be beneficial to everyone to show the opportunities that are waiting for us once finished college.

We hope that over the next year or two, we will go from strength to strength, and hopefully gain more members, even those not in SLT, as we go. Our course is intense, and the workload is heavy, but through the society events we have a chance to relax and make new friends which we believe is what a society is all about.


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