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Bike Gang Society
We love Bikes!
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January 26th
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Bike Gang Society

We love Bikes!

We love Bikes!

We love where they can bring us and how they bring us there.

We en deavour to explore and have fun while promoting a healthy, eco-friendly cycling culture. Bikes can take you anywhere you want and we like to let them!

We also are interested in campaigning for better bicycle facilities, and ensuring building and developmental decisions in NUIG and in Galway as a whole have the interests of the cycling community in mind and are beneficial for a progressing city in general.

We have linked up with An Mheitheal Rothar, Galways community bike workshop to ensure we have safe, well oiled machines for going on sight-seeing tours, camping trips, cycling culture awareness campaigns and all sorts of excursions, so join the fun!

Bike Gang!

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